With the Democrats’ nomination process underway, pundits across the nation have handicapped the state of the race ad nauseum. According to the experts, there are multiple lanes in the Democratic Party. Initially, there was a socialist wing, a moderate wing and a Joe Biden wing. Initially, it was thought that Bernie would share the socialist wing with Elizabeth Warren. That changed when Bernie suffered a heart attack in early October. Shortly thereafter, it was thought that he’d end his campaign.

When Bernie returned, he quickly regained momentum. That eventually pushed Elizabeth Warren into a different lane, sometimes known as the Uniter lane. Under this theory, Sen. Warren would unite the Bernie wing and the moderate wing. It didn’t make sense but that’s the Warren campaign’s spin. When Bloomberg and Steyer jumped into the race, that created a ‘Billionaires Lane.’

Ultimately, though, the only lane that matters is the Republican lane. President Trump fills that lane by himself. President Trump’s personality wipes out the sun. This afternoon, when President Trump held a rally in Las Vegas, he brought up the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team to honor them because Saturday is the 40th anniversary of the day the US defeated the then-Soviet Union hockey team:

The Democrats’ biggest problem is that President Trump is the guy who sucks all the media oxygen out of the room. His policies are working fantastically. Illegal immigration is getting more under control with each month. The economy is the best it’s been in terms of wage growth and unemployment rate since Clinton. In terms of GDP growth, the only presidents who’ve done better recently are Clinton and Reagan. The Democrats’ presidential candidates are mediocre at best. It’s irrelevant whether Democrats run Bernie or Bloomberg.

Bloomberg has been exposed as a billionaire attempting to buy the White House. He’s apologized for keeping NYC streets safe. He’s said exceptionally racist things. He’s exposed as a sexist, too.

Bernie is a socialist millionaire who wants to confiscate successful people’s wealth. He honeymooned in the Soviet Union when it was still the Soviet Union. He’s said that breadlines are good:

One’s nutty (Bernie). The other’s arrogant (Bloomberg). Let’s see which Democrat gets to get drubbed. PS- Pass the popcorn.

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