Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have accused President Trump of retaliating against Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. Lt. Col. Vindman testified against President Trump during Schiff’s public impeachment hearings.

What Pelosi and Schiff intentionally omit is the fact that Lt. Col. Vindman sidestepped his chain of command by talking to the NSC Counsel rather than talking to his boss, “Tim Morrison, the National Security Council’s senior director for European affairs.” Pelosi and Schiff intentionally omitted the fact that Jennifer Williams, who also listened in on the call, didn’t find anything inappropriate with the call that alarmed Lt. Col. Vindman. Check out John Ratcliffe’s cross-examination of Ms. Williams and Lt. Col. Vindman:

Predictably, there’s much more to this story than what Pelosi and Schiff are claiming. This isn’t retaliation. This is President Trump reassigning a disgruntled employee with a habit of ignoring his chain of command reporting responsibilities. For all his military heroics, Lt. Col. Vindman had a habit of insubordination and mutiny. That’s hardly a model employee.

During the hearings in November, his boss, Tim Morrison, the National Security Council’s senior director for European affairs, said that multiple other officials had cast doubt on Vindman’s judgment. Morrison said those colleagues had expressed concerns about whether Vindman had leaked information and confirmed that Vindman didn’t keep him “in the loop at all times.” Vindman also didn’t immediately speak to Morrison about his concerns about the July 25 phone call, Morrison said during the hearings.

Lt. Col. Vindman was thought to have been one of the NSC’s leakers. A person who’s insubordinate and who leaks hasn’t earned the right to serve on the NSC. Follow this link for more on the truth on Lt. Col. Vindman.

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