This article questions whether Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign is legitimate. The article opens by saying “Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s campaign contributed money to the technological firm whose voting app contributed to reporting delays in the Iowa caucuses. Federal Election Commission filings reveal that Buttigieg’s campaign gave tens of thousands of dollars to Shadow on July 23, 2019, for ‘software rights and subscriptions.'”

It continues, saying “Shadow, a technology company that has an investor in the Democratic digital nonprofit organization ACRONYM, was also paid $60,000 over two installments by the Iowa Democratic Party to build an app to help make caucus voting easier and faster for precinct volunteers. Filings also reveal that the Nevada Democratic Party paid Shadow $58,000 for ‘website development.'”

In this video, Krystal Ball goes on a 5-minute rant, highlighting Buttigieg’s ‘connections’:

That’s the personification of political corruption. When the DNC chairman jumps when Pete calls, that’s worrisome. Watch the entire video. Saying that they aren’t impressed with Buttigieg is understatement. The Buttigieg that Ball and Enjeti talk about is into class warfare and elitism.

The Buttigieg that interfered with the satellite caucuses isn’t a candidate into diversity. That’s a candidate who won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes (legal or illegal) to win. Bernie won’t criticize Buttigieg about that corruption. He’s too much of a wimp to do that. If Bloomberg doesn’t challenge him, he’ll be the Democrats’ nominee.

If that happens, President Trump will expose Buttigieg as a corrupt, elitist Democrat. That won’t play well in the battleground states of the Heartland. Obama won Indiana in 2008 by getting a huge turnout of African-Americans in Gary, IN. That won’t happen with Buttigieg.

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  • Chad Q says:

    The democrats, progressives, socialists, communists, whatever the hell they are calling themselves today, are the most corrupt bunch of people outside of actual organized crime there is and the greatest thing is they try and screw their own party members. Then there’s the diversity they claim to have. A bunch of mostly old, all white, all rich people debating who is going to make the rest of the people bow at their feet is not diversity.

  • eric z says:

    Chad – AOC? Warren? Ro Kahana?

    Gary and Chad – Do you agree with putting the “Deep State Operative” label on the Mayor? McKinsey and all that, military intelligence?

    Some have suggested it, but I would like to see a sincere effort to pin that stuff down definitively, one way or the other. Now that the Mayor is challenging to wedge out Biden to where Trump’s and Rudy’s efforts might have been for naught, the question of who he really is becomes relevant.

    We did not do that well with the last Rhodes Scholar put into the White House, did we? Is that a foundation for analysis? Rhodes Scholars entering career politics with little wealth to start with, but ambitious, does the pattern promise much good to it?

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