Everyone’s read the articles about the Iowa Democrat Party’s vote-counting fiasco. They’ve read about Joe Biden’s humiliating defeat there. As a conservative, it’s fun writing about the Democrats’ encounter with karma. Democrats are finding out that karma is a bitch.

This is the underreported story from Iowa:

It was too soon to tell what final turnout numbers will be, amid delays in reporting results. But Iowa Democratic Party Communications Director Mandy McClure said early indications were turnout was on pace to match 2016, when about 170,000 people participated. The high-water mark for the contest was the 2008 Iowa Democratic caucuses, when nearly 240,000 participated and Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and other candidates.

The Democrats’ frontrunner is on the ropes. The Democrats’ enthusiasm for Orange Man Bad isn’t as unifying as they’d hoped.

Meanwhile, in an uncontested GOP race, Republicans turned out in record numbers for a re-election campaign. Over 32,000 people showed up to caucus for Republicans. Through impeachment and all of the turmoil that came with that predicament, Mitch McConnell fiercely defended the institution of the Senate. It’s my theory that the Republicans’ fierce fight, in both the House and Senate, has helped inspire Republicans’ enthusiasm. GOP activists aren’t just activated by President Trump. They’re activated because President Trump has turned the GOP into a party of fighters.

Jeff Kaufmann, chairman of the Iowa Republican Party, said this about why Iowans are bullish on Trump:

“In a real, fundamental way, he preserved the family farm … I don’t even know if he ever talked to a farmer before he ran for president but he just tapped right into that rural, populist notch … He knows how to read hearts and he has read the heart of rural populists in this state.”

People have talked about the money that Mike Bloomberg has spent thus far on organization and ads. That’s fine. It’s a newsworthy thing to cover. Nonetheless, the question I’ve got to ask is whether he’ll connect with voters like President Trump obviously has.

The people running thus far on the Democrats’ side aren’t inspiring voters. In Iowa, that’s the underreported story. That’s because things don’t bode well for Democrats.

5 Responses to “Iowa’s underreported stories”

  • eric z says:

    “The Democrats’ frontrunner is on the ropes,” you write.

    Gary, what you been smoking man? Bernie is doing fine.

  • Chad Q says:

    Bernie is doing just fine to get shafted by the party yet again. I really wish they’d let the old communist win the nomination just so he can see how badly he’ll be beaten before he dies.

  • Gary Gross says:

    I’m talking about the guy that the MSM has called the frontrunner since he got into the race. I’m talking about the guy whose son is more crooked than Schiff. I’m talking about Joe Biden.

  • eric z says:

    Fine, I understood that usage and called it out. Biden is not the frontrunner. People wanting CHANGE see him as using the word as a slogan, but same old low double-digit approval for the batch of ’em, BOTH PARTIES in Congress, seen by people as unfit to govern. Look at Congressional approval polling. The entirety of DC is the problem, while diversionary and divisionary effort therein is the mechanism where smoke and mirrors plays big, truth being buried as a motive of each party’s current leadership personnel. And then there are the campaign consultancy leeches. Chad, Gary, we got problems, and it is not merely fit to throw stones back and forth without actual reform of the entire DC animal.

    Chad – if you fail to understand the difference between socialism and Marxism and Communism, I cannot help you. Do some reading. Just so you know, I would not call Bolton a “Nazi.” He’s a fascist and a war monger nobody should have ever trusted even with a morning newspaper route, much less a voice in government. After biting the Party hand that fed him, nobody on the entire spectrum should reward the creep via book royalties.

  • eric z says:

    Chad – “Bernie is doing just fine to get shafted by the party yet again.” Agreed, as more likely than not. Ron Paul might agree about party-shafting also.

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