Years ago, Minnesotans got quite a chuckle at the expense of Iowans. The joke was that Iowa wasn’t name but an acronym. The joke was that Iowa was an acronym that stood for “I Owe the World an Apology.” Last night, the first in the nation caucus did something that no other political party had done before. Iowa held a caucus, then didn’t report the results.

Each of the top Democrats delivered a quasi-victory speech, with Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar being the first Democrat to sound upbeat without having anything except anecdotal evidence on the results. Klobuchar was followed by Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg and Andrew Yang. It was thought that Sanders, Buttigieg and Warren (not necessarily in that order) were the top 3, with Biden “finishing a distant 4th.” If that’s true, and we don’t know that it is, Klobuchar will have survived because the Democratic Party of Iowa was too incompetent to count votes.

CNN is reporting that “Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price faced intense criticism from multiple Democratic campaigns during a call early on Tuesday morning, with senior advisers repeatedly questioning the transparency of the process.”

Price continued:

Price sought to defend the process, arguing that the delay in reporting results stemmed from the party’s desire to “ensure the integrity of the process” but that the party was working to keep “campaigns in the loop throughout this entire process.”

Guy Benson tweeted this incomplete data from the Sanders campaign:

It isn’t Guy’s fault that he didn’t have complete numbers. That fault lies 100% on the Democratic Party of Iowa. Mark Meadows’ tweet:

What could possibly go wrong?

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