Years ago, I coined a phrase about Democrats. In that phrase, I said that “Democrats always do the right thing — when it’s the only option left.” That cliché rang true to me when I saw Jason Lewis’s statement calling on Tina Smith “to do right thing for a change and acquit President Trump.” There’s a better chance of the Devil handing out figure skates in Hell this weekend than there is of Tina Smith doing the right thing.

Don’t mistake what I’m saying. It’s important (and right) for Jason to call Tina Smith out on this. Several times this past week, she’s stood right behind Sen. Schumer at his press conferences. How appropriate for Sen. Schumer’s shill. Sen. Smith is Sen. Schumer’s shill. She’s never voted against Sen. Schumer on anything. Why think that she’ll suddenly do the right thing? That’s as foolish as thinking that you’ll be ok taunting a cobra with quick movements.

It’s just the nature of the beast that Democrats won’t do the right thing. Tina Smith is a creature of the Resistance. She doesn’t dare cross Resistance activists. The Resist Movement activists are absolutists and anarchists. Here’s Jason Lewis’s statement in full:

The question facing Minnesota’s voters is whether they way to waste their vote on a do-nothing placeholder Democrat or whether they’d prefer a get-big-things-done senator with a history of tackling problems while protecting our constitutional rights. I’ve watched Jason Lewis in action. From a policy standpoint, he’s a man of stature while Tina Smith is a lightweight who does as she’s told by Sen. Schumer.

Electing Jason Lewis would mean having a senator who is part of the majority getting important things done. Re-electing Tina Smith means having a senator who will be in the minority for the next term while getting nothing done. Jason Lewis already voted for the Trump-GOP tax cuts that’ve lifted the economy, made the US energy independent while rebuilding the military.

In her time in office, Tina Smith voted against highly qualified judges and justices, voted against energy independence and wasn’t impartial as she claimed:

“Even in the Clinton impeachment, which was a pretty partisan time, the Democrats and the Republicans came together to agree on rules that were bipartisan, nonpartisan, and that is not happening here, which I think is a detriment to the overall fairness of the trial,” Smith said.

It’s obvious that Tina Smith wasn’t impartial before the trial started. She voted for each one of Sen. Schumer’s amendments the first Tuesday night of the impeachment trial. Each of those amendments was designed to force vulnerable Republicans to cast difficult votes.

After that night of voting, there’s no question whether Tina Smith is a partisan hack. That night of voting was about tipping control of the Senate to a Democrat majority and nothing more. That isn’t the definition of “overall fairness.”

On a totally different front, Tina Smith apparently won’t stand with the hard-working people of the Iron Range. Apparently, she’d rather team with Betty McCollum in preventing prosperity on the Iron Range:

5 Responses to “President Trump’s impeachment, Jason Lewis vs. Tina Smith edition”

  • Rex Newman says:

    Much as I would want my Senators to “do the right thing” – which clearly means acquittal of President Trump this occasion – I must disagree with Jason Lewis here. He should not be telling Senator Tina Smith how to vote, but rather, not to vote at all. As an appointed representative, she is free to make all manner of votes, including her recent vote to expand the Senate impeachment trial via additional witnesses and documents. But as an otherwise unelected representative, she has no moral or ethical standing to remove anyone duly elected. She should abstain when that vote is called. The same logic would apply to a hypothetical Senator Jason Lewis appointed by a hypothetical Governor Jeff Johnson.

    It does seem unfair at first blush to limit Minnesota’s voice, but that’s on us. We elected Al Franken and then re-elected him despite his record. We took the risk, he failed us, and we in effect took the vote out of his interim replacement. It’s not personal or partisan Ms. Smith. You simply don’t have the authority to convict – or acquit.

    A related question has been posed in national media: should the three Senators running for President recuse themselves from removing their opposition? I say no. They were elected. They can walk and chew gum at the same time. But a vote to convict on the basis of this tawdry banana republic case certainly should be taken into consideration by the voters should one of them be the Democratic party nominee for President this fall.

  • Gretchen L Leisen says:

    Tina Smith was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Al Franken. However, in 2018 she ran for election for the senate seat, and she defeated Karin Housely [much to the shame of Minnesota voters]. So, she is now a senator because the MN voters elected her.

    In 2020 it is imperative that Conservatives and pro-lifers support Jason Lewis. Tina Smith is the former head of the Mpls Planned Parenthood. She is a radical feminist and leftist, and in no way do her values represent Minnesota values. I feel that the only way we can get Conservative candidates elected statewide in MN is to have Donald Trump campaign here at least twice this year and to put the GOP candidates at the forefront of the stage. Too many otherwise good citizens do not pay attention until about 1 week prior to the election. They do not weigh the significance of the DFL left-wingers controlling all our state offices and our legislatures and senates. If every Trump voter would support only for the GOP candidates and NOT VOTE FOR ANY DFLers, maybe we could overcome the problems this state had had.

  • Rex Newman says:

    I am so embarrassed! Disregard my last transmission. It seemed like only yesterday she was appointed. It fit my template so I ran with it, which I guess means I’m qualified to work for major media or impeachment committees.

    My apologies to all, including Jason Lewis and the esteemed proprietor of this blog.

  • Gretchen Leisen says:

    You are absolved, Rex. As we get older, it is a fact that time goes faster and the years begin to run together. Of course, I am speaking from a perspective of a Goldwater voter – a sign of my old age.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Rex & Gretchen, you’re both alert enough to whip the average DFL rising star. Just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re both doing fantastic.

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