The only stories that the MSM is covering are impeachment, John Bolton’s kiss-and-tell manuscript and the coronavirus epidemic. Let’s explore a theory about Bolton’s kiss-and-tell manuscript. Let’s assume for the sake of just this article that Bolton is telling the truth. (Anything’s possible, right?)

It’s entirely possible that President Trump told him that at some point. We know that President Trump told Don McGahn to fire Mueller. We know that McGahn didn’t follow President Trump’s orders because Mueller didn’t get fired.

Imagine how upset Bolton must feel. First, President Trump publicly ignored his advice on meeting with North Korea. Next, President Trump didn’t follow through with tying military aid to investigating the Bidens. Finally, President Trump unceremoniously fired Bolton.

A man with Bolton’s pride can only take so much humiliation. Why shouldn’t we think that he’d try and lash out at President Trump? Why shouldn’t we think that this is just Bolton’s best shot at complicating President Trump’s life?

While Bolton’s book jumps off the shelf, Democrats continue playing their anti-American games. It’s obvious that Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer care more about winning elections than they care about doing what’s right for this nation. If they cared about putting America first, they wouldn’t have pushed this evidence-free impeachment. Remember this?

The Mueller Report showed that there wasn’t any Russian collusion. Thus far, Democrats haven’t shown any proof that President Trump did anything illegal. They’ve offered speculation. They’ve insisted that they’ll have bombshell testimony if only Bolton would testify. That’s just additional speculation. It isn’t proof.

It’s time to put a wooden stake through this impeachment vampire’s heart. Impeachment is just the Democrats’ latest vehicle to kill the Trump administration. That’s what happens when Democrats put a higher priority on winning elections than on doing what’s right.

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  • eric z says:

    “It’s time to put a wooden stake through this impeachment vampire’s heart.” An interesting thought.

    Recall, Pelosi opposed impeachment, then this Ukraine quid pro quo thing surfaced. Early reporting did mention Bolton, and the House issued a subpoena, if I recall correctly, with Bolton saying he’d litigate it because of the Trump bar on administration folks testifying. A whistleblower situation arose, Schiff and others paid attention and Pelosi agreed with the Dem caucus majority belief that holding an impeachment was a good idea.

    One speculative possibility, Bolton initiated the inquest, where the whistleblower identity was never tied to Bolton, definitively, by any mainstream reporting.

    Bolton writes a book, and says he’d testify (in accordance with the book text).

    BOYCOTT THE BOLTON BOOK! And urge your friends to do so also. Stick the publisher with a warehouse full of kindling, vs selling Kindle versions. Minimize the cash flow to Bolton for arguably being the tipping factor toward moving Pelosi toward blessing a hearing.

    Bolton’s motives, presuming others beyond ginning up book sales to make more money, need intense scrutiny. You get that if he becomes a witness, and the entire hearing might unravel if he tells the truth.

    Do YOU trist John Bolton? That seems to be clarifying as a bottom line in things. Trump and Bolton in a swearing contest – which is telling the truth – is a scenario similar to what happened to Hoffa. Everyone knows there’s a story but nobody is coming forward with a body; leading to rampant speculation.

    Bottom line seems that Bolton may have initiated the situation, Shiff being only a willing follower, liking the path Bolton was charting. Then, big man shows up at the eleventh hour saying, “He told me directly, . . .”

    There is a Bolton spore to much of the entire thing.

    What’s in it for him? You tell me. Trump’s restraint in dealing with Iran beyond what Bolton wanted might mean Bolton would like a more pliant Chief Exec. The course he chartered seems so directed.

  • eric z says:

    A head’s up, for reader followup, as each may want – Wikipedia has a current stub page on the book:

    Readers might want to keep a bookmark on that, to see how it ebbs and flows over time, as one or another Wiki maven does editing and/or adding. It arguably might be a more objective resource than other things now on the web.

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