Last night, someone leaked “an unpublished manuscript of [John Bolton’s] upcoming book”, sending official DC into a tizzy. The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake wrote “We finally got a taste Sunday night of what former national security adviser John Bolton might tell President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.” Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham appeared on Fox & Friends.

During that appearance, Grisham said “It’s very clear the president did nothing wrong. Then suddenly, this manuscript has magically appeared in the hands of The New York Times, making very, very big claims. This is … the same publisher that [James] Comey used, also. The fact that magically, again, the book ordering preorder link popped up a couple hours after all of this hit.”

While I’ve never agreed that President Trump “did nothing wrong”, I’m more than a little skeptical of this leak, especially with this timing. First, it’s worth noting that Bolton was fired as President Trump’s NSA. That couldn’t have sit well with a man of Bolton’s credentials. Next, it’s worth being suspicious of a publisher associated with Jim Comey.

Nonetheless, this still comes down to John Bolton’s uncorroborated testimony vs. the corroborated transcript of the July 25 call and Ambassador Sondland’s testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, aka HPSCI. This video is the full video of Rep. Mike Turner cross-examining Ambassador Sondland:

In the first minute of the video, Rep. Turner said “Yesterday, Ambassador Volker, whom I consider to be very talented and a man of integrity and I think you think is a man of integrity, correct?” After Ambassador Sondland nods his approval with that characterization, Turner continues, saying “He testified that the President of the United States did not tie either a meeting with the president or a phone call or any aid to investigations of Burisma, 2016 or the Bidens.”

At the end of his cross-examination of Ambassador Sondland, Sondland admitted that President Trump hadn’t tied investigating the Bidens with lethal military supplies. Let’s think about this. The transcript didn’t link lethal military supplies with investigating the Bidens. Ambassador Volker didn’t link lethal military supplies with investigating the Bidens. Finally, Ambassador Sondland testified that President Trump didn’t link lethal military supplies with investigating the Bidens.

What are the odds that John Bolton will testify that he knows better than 2 ambassadors (Volker and Sondland) and a transcript that’s been called “essentially accurate”? That’s before factoring in the statements of Ukraine’s foreign minister and Ukraine’s President Zelenskiy that the aid wasn’t tied to investigating the Bidens.

Washington’s all aflutter because they want this to be the bombshell that sinks President Trump so badly they can taste it. To Washington, I’d make this statement. Imagine John Bolton’s deposition. First, imagine Chairman Schiff deposing Bolton. Then picture Pat Cipollone, Jay Sekulow and John Ratcliffe interrogating Mr. Bolton. Picture each of them asking Bolton if he’s familiar with Ambassador Sondland’s testimony. Then picture them reminding him of Ambassador Volker’s testimony. Then picture them refreshing his memory of what President Zelenskiy, President Trump and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadym Prystaiko said about investigating the Bidens.

It’s difficult to picture Bolton saying anything that might hurt President Trump at that point. There’s just too much verified information that clears President Trump. If Ambassador Bolton disagrees with that galaxy of testimony, imagine the legal exposure he might find himself in. Bolton is too smart to volunteer for that type of scrutiny.

5 Responses to “John Bolton & Chuck Schumer vs. President Trump & the manuscript”

  • eric z says:

    Gee. It is so sad to see Trump sandbagged with the truth.

    And Bolton is your guy. Your Bushco war-mongering guy.

    If he has any cause to lie at all, it would be because Trump only killed an Iranian official, but did not cause a full scale war by escalating after the brain trauma 34 military personnel suffered via Iran retaliation for the assassination.

    Bolton is a self-promoting neocon horror, but has he been a liar?

    Trump lies like a rug.

    Last, why is Mike Pence smirking? Do ya think the fix is in . . .

  • eric z says:

    Sorry for the second post, but you headline “Schumer” and use him in indexing the post. Yet you never say zip about him in the text of the post. Why? Is there more to the post which you, for brevity, left out? Are you saying Schumer and Bolton (a Bushco guy) are conspiring against Trump? That sure would be news, if there is even a scintilla of evidence, that way? It seems speculation, not fact.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Before today’s hearing started, Schumer was operating as the wannabe Senate Majority Leader. He wore his partisan hat. My evidence is that Schumer only cared about the Bolton manuscript as a vehicle to the majority leader’s position.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Trump isn’t sandbagged. The facts are on his side. Contrary to Schiff’s BS, the aid got released. Contrary to Nadler’s BS, this is verified by 2 US ambassadors, Ukraine’s president & Ukraine’s foreign minister.

    As for Pence smiling and whether the fix is in, I have a simple question. Are you serious in asking that question? If you are, you’re utterly clueless.

  • Chad Q says:

    Sandbagged with the truth? I’ll bet $100 what has been “leaked” to the press is nowhere near the truth just like all of Schiff’s other bombshell truth’s he lied about for the last 3 years. You really need to start thinking for yourself instead of being spoon feed lies from the MSM especially since they haven’t reported the truth in over 11 years.

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