Pundits have talked ad nauseum about whether there will be witnesses when the impeachment trial starts in earnest on Tuesday. Since President Trump has already said that he’ll invoke executive privilege should John Bolton or Mick Mulvaney get called to testify, the answer to that is no with an asterisk. They’ll certainly be called but they certainly won’t testify in any meaningful way. Don’t expect Democrats to litigate that issue. They’d rather have the issue than the information. (I can already hear Hakeem Jefferies saying ‘What is President Trump hiding?’)

Considering the fact that Mulvaney is President Trump’s acting Chief of Staff and Bolton is Trump’s former National Security Adviser, the answer is obvious that they’d have lots of classified information in their heads. A judge won’t side with the Democrats on compelling Bolton and Mulvaney to testify so Democrats can go on a fishing expedition.

Once those things happen, Democrats will have nothing to show for their efforts. What’s worse is that the whole world will know that their case is thin. What’s worst is that Democrats, especially Schiff, will be forced to either rest their case (which isn’t happening) or Schiff will start making foolish-sounding accusations.

When the Trump legal team starts poking holes in the Democrats’ case, they’ll show that the Democrats’ case is virtually nonexistent. That should make for some fun viewing and some interesting closing arguments. What pundits haven’t speculated about is the evidence collected during the Democrats’ impeachment investigation. Pundits haven’t speculated about it because, despite all the headlines of “bombshell” testimony, they know this case is weak.

Accusations aren’t evidence. When it’s exposed that the Democrats only have accusations, that will deliver a stinging rejection of these articles of impeachment. This isn’t a serious exercise. This impeachment was built on the Democrats’ rage. It wasn’t built on evidence. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put it best, saying that “House Democrats had performed a pale imitation of a real inquiry”:

Adam Schiff will make a fool out of himself. After making a series of unserious accusations, which will happen, Republicans will vote to acquit President Trump. Most importantly, Americans will agree with Republicans.

The impeachment trial should then be used by the NRCC against every swing district Democrat on the ballot. Remind voters that House Democrats voted for a flimsy impeachment investigation, then voted for incomplete articles of impeachment. Finally, remind voters that House Democrats wasted 2 entire years on this flimsy investigation while ignoring the people’s business.

That’s how you maximize the damage to the Democrats. Make them pay a steep political price. That’s the only hope of getting them to stop these investigations.

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