I didn’t watch last night’s Democrat presidential debate but it sounds like the fight between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren took a nasty turn after the debate. This upsets the Democrats happy little family storyline:

Sanders and Warren approached one another and he stuck out his hand. She did not shake it. What followed was a brief but clearly uncomfortable conversation. As Sanders’ campaign co-chair Nina Turner put it on CNN: “I’m not sure what she said, but you can read the body language. Obviously, their conversation was not pleasant.”

Then the fight turned to social media. As of Wednesday morning, the hashtag “#neverWarren” was trending as Bernie allies took to Twitter to attack the Massachusetts senator as a lying snake.

There’s little doubt that Warren is lying, not Sanders. Sanders doesn’t have a history of lying. Warren does. This is from last night’s debate:

Elizabeth Warren has a lengthy history of lying:

Policy-wise, Bernie and Pocahontas are nuttier than fruitcake. From a character standpoint, though, they’re different. Warren is utterly corrupt.

This reeks of desperation on Warren’s part. She’s been sinking in the polls ever since she couldn’t explain how she’d pay for her health care plan. With the first votes looming, she needs, to use a football metaphor, a Hail Mary pass. This intentional leak is likely Sen. Warren’s attempt to regain momentum and relevance.

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  • eric z says:

    Two posts in a row, each unfavorable to a female Democratic Party politician. From that, presumptive people could label you a sexist. What you say, that Klobuchar faces limitations and Warren and Bernie are saying inconsistent things about a private conversation between them; the instigation of the dispute appearing to have first come to CNN from persons in the Warren campaign. If so, was it rogue infiltrators wanting to drive a wedge, or was it intentional to Warren, after allegations of some Sanders volunteering talking points, should Warren be mentioned during voter contact were met by Warren with anger, that story being single source to me with forgetting where online it was read, so Gary, your readers should do research, if interested.

  • Gary Gross says:

    First, my principles come from the Bible so I don’t give a damn what people who don’t know me label me. That, by itself, is a form of bigotry & I don’t let bigots determine my beliefs. Next, Klobuchar has been successful winning elections but she’s a policy lightweight. Third, while I don’t agree with Bernie on anything policy-wise, I think of him as an honest guy. As for Elizabeth Warren, she’s gotten caught lying too often for me to trust her.

    Fourth, CNN’s moderator asked Bernie if he had said what he’s accused of saying. He said he hadn’t. She accepted his answer, then turned to Warren & asked why Bernie would be so mean to her. Fifth, I’ve seen the story, too, about the Bernie staffer. It might’ve happened but I couldn’t care less. The script wasn’t that harsh, to be honest.

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