When impeachment started, Nancy Pelosi insisted that she loved the Constitution. I suspect that she loves the Constitution like she loves the Bible. I suspect that she loves them when it’s to her advantage. Yesterday, the House voted on a resolution that ignored the Constitution. Article 1, Section 8 gives Congress the authority to declare war.

While it’s fitting for Congress to weigh in on policy matters, it isn’t fitting that the Legislative Branch should tell the Executive Branch what it should or shouldn’t do. Yesterday’s non-binding resolution told President Trump how Congress wanted to restrict him in prosecuting military operations. That’s far outside the Legislative Branch’s authority.

The military is 100% within the Executive Branch’s authority. They take orders from the Commander-in-Chief, not 100 egotistical senators, not from an aging Speaker of the House, not from anyone in the Legislative Branch. The Legislative Branch’s constitutional authority over the military is confined to declaring war (then getting out of the way) and appropriating money to fund the military.

Democrats insist that they love the Constitution. If that’s true, why don’t they appreciate it all the time? The Democrats’ “living, breathing document” line apparently means that they like it when it says what they want it to say but they’ll change it when they don’t like what it says.

This interview says everything:

Congress doesn’t have the authority to tell presidents how to prosecute war. The Constitution only gives them the authority to declare war. Declarations of war have nothing to do with prosecuting wars.

Speaker Pelosi might not like that but she can’t ignore that fact.

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