For those who haven’t figured this out, Devin Nunes is tenacious. He’s the House Intel Committee’s pit bull. If he sinks his teeth into a subject, he’ll get to the bottom of that subject. Right now, Rep. Nunes has ripped a chunk off of Michael Atkinson’s flesh. FYI- Atkinson is the inspector general for the Intelligence Community.

Appearing on The Ingraham Angle last night, Rep. Nunes told her “From the time that the whistleblower first came forward, to the IG, where the forms didn’t match, it wasn’t urgent, didn’t have any firsthand knowledge, the form later changed, then it was backdated, … then we had to hear from the whistleblower and then we didn’t have to hear from the whistleblower.”

That sounds more than suspicious. First, how do you insist that it’s urgent to protect this CIA snitch because he’s got hearsay evidence? That’s what Atkinson said that the whistleblower’s complaint contained “allegations of ‘urgent concern,’ and should ‘be shared with lawmakers.'”

Since when has third-hand hearsay testimony been thought of as an “urgent concern”? That might be of urgent concern to a Page Six gossip writer but it’s trash to a watchdog for the intelligence community of the United States. Devin Nunes explains why he’s digging into this issue in this interview:

“You have to either believe he is in on it or he is incompetent,” he said, adding Atkinson’s October 2019 response letter could be characterized as him being indeed “incompetent.” “If he’s incompetent … we need to have evidence of your incompetence. … We are not going to take your word for it that, ‘Oh, we made a mistake’,” he added.

There’s no reason to think that IG Atkinson isn’t corrupted. Why would so many changes get made to the complaint? Why would they change forms, then backdate one set of forms?

It’s worth mentioning that Rep. Nunes has a sterling reputation within the intelligence community, especially after the Horowitz Report vindicated Rep Nunes. Amongst House Democrats and the Democrats’ MSM protectorate, he’s vilified. People that deal with facts and verifiable proof respect Mr. Nunes.

Now that Rep. Nunes has started investigating Mr. Atkinson, the Democrats have a new headache to deal with. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

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