Once again, Democrats misunderestimated President Trump, this time on Iran. Just because they didn’t understand his objectives and tactics didn’t mean he didn’t have a brilliant multi-faceted plan. President Trump’s plan is brilliant for multiple reasons, though Democrats won’t admit that.

First, President Trump’s deregulation of the energy industry put us in a position of strength. As a result of that deregulation, the US is now energy independent. As a result of that independence, President Trump can simply tell Japan, South Korea and Europe that the Straits of Hormuz is their problem. It’s up to them to keep the Straits open. Since they’re reliant on that oil to keep their economies running, it’s their option to keep the Straits open.

Next, President Trump’s peace-through-strength initiative is entirely different than President Obama’s payouts and appeasement policy. President Trump’s red lines weren’t ignored. As a result, Soleimani is dead. Soleimani’s second-in-command is dead, too. As a result of that, Iran’s network of proxies is in disarray. That isn’t to say that they aren’t still dangerous. They’re still a threat. It’s that they aren’t working in orchestration at this point.

Third, President Trump took a somewhat veiled shot at the Obama administration. President Trump didn’t mention their name. Instead, he mentioned that “the previous administration” gave Iran pallets of cash and billions of dollars of sanctions relief without Iran changing their behavior. President Trump then said that this money was then used to buy the missiles that were fired at the air bases in western Al-Anbar province.

Fourth, President Trump announced that the US was imposing additional hard-hitting sanctions on Iran’s leaders. He isn’t imposing these sanctions on the peaceful Iranian people, just on the jihadist leadership. By doing that, he’s sending the signal to the Iranian people that he’s looking out for them while punish Iran’s increasingly unpopular leadership. It won’t take long for Iran’s young people to return to protesting the Regime.

Supposedly, a full three-fourth’s of the Iranian population is younger than 35 years old. That’s a revolution waiting to happen and the mullahs know it. When the 3 days of mourning for Soleimani end, those young people will again remember that unemployment and inflation are so high that they’d make Jimmy Carter’s misery index numbers look modest.

Democrats in the media are reflexively criticizing President Trump. That’s odd considering the fact that Iranians waved the white flag last night. They fired missiles that would get into the general area of the air base in Iraq but that weren’t likely to do any damage to US troops. President Trump now can point to a coherent policy that’s got Iran on its heels while the Democrats’ presidential candidates look incoherent or petty.

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