John Kerry has a legitimate reason to be worried. Judicial Watch has filed another FOIA request lawsuit “against the U.S. Department of State for records of communications between former Secretary of State John Kerry and State Department officials regarding ‘the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (also known as JCPOA or ‘Iran nuclear deal’) and/or meetings between Kerry and Iranian officials to discuss the JCPOA.'”

According to Judicial Watch, “Kerry reportedly held meetings and spoke with major players, foreign and domestic, involved in the Iran nuclear agreement who opposed the U.S. withdrawal.” Further, “Kerry is said to have met with Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif at the United Nations in New York in late April 2018, their second meeting in two months, to discuss ways of preventing the deal limiting Iran’s nuclear weapons program from falling apart.”

Judicial Watch has a lengthy history of decimating Washington DC’s Deep State. When Congress hasn’t gotten the documents that Deep Statists want permanently deep-sixed, Judicial Watch has.

Kerry also met in April 2018 with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, separately had meetings with French President Emmanuel Macron, both in Paris and New York, and spoke on the phone with European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini. Additionally, Kerry was reported to have quietly lobbied members of Congress, including then-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and placed dozens of phone calls just before the U.S. withdrawal.

“John Kerry wasn’t elected president, so he should avoid colluding with Iran and other foreign government to undermine U.S. foreign policy,” said Judicial Watch President Fitton. “Our lawsuit is meant to discover not only what Kerry was up to but also to unearth who inside the Deep State Trump ‘resistance’ were coordinating with Kerry’s clandestine efforts to undermine President Trump’s Iran policy.”

John Kerry’s actions were disgusting. The Constitution doesn’t give former secretaries of state the authority to work behind-the-scenes to keep his failed policies intact. The Constitution gives the sitting president full control of the United States’ foreign policy. The last thing we need is for the worst Secretary of State in US history sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong.

Let’s stop kidding people. Kerry’s negotiation ‘skills’, if you can call them that, were a gift to Iran. Kerry is just trying to preserve his legacy. Why he’s trying to do that is anyone’s guess. I’d want people to forget about the JCPOA. That won’t happen because Secretary Kerry is a blithering idiot. This is proof of that:

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