Democrats keep pushing the theme that the economy isn’t helping the bottom half of Americans. This puff piece is the latest to make that claim. What’s interesting is this paragraph:

Emerging financial challenges such as the explosion of student debt, and until the past few years highly disappointing levels of wage growth, meant many Americans may have had less to invest in the first place.

What happened “the past few years”? Wages were relatively stagnant during the Obama administration. Wage growth acceleration started kicking into high gear when President Trump signed the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act into law 2 years ago. Since then, wages have risen for the first time in years.

Frankly, this is just another attempt to criticize the Trump-GOP economy. This is just a variation of the articles/segments talking about the impending recession. Democrats are perfectly willing to talk down the economy and put people out of work in their attempt to defeat President Trump. Remember this?

It’s time to ask a simple clarifying question. Why do Democrats hate President Trump so much that they’re willing to wish economic turmoil on their fellow citizens? Patriotic citizens don’t wish for their neighbors, co-workers and relatives to get hurt financially in the hopes that they’ll get rid of a president they don’t like. Only Democrats do that.

There’s another foundational question each citizen should ask. Why would we want someone running the government who hates American politicians more than they love their nation? Anyone that wants the nation to suffer just to grab additional political authority doesn’t have the character required to run this great nation.

The Democrats’ dishonesty is hurting them electorally. Schiff’s dishonesty will cost them the House. What the Democrats’ dishonesty doesn’t hurt them, the Democrats’ policies will hurt them. The Democrats’ presidential candidates have said that they’ll get rid of fossil fuels. Why would voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and West Virginia vote for Democrats? In 2016, Hillary thought of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin as her “blue firewall.” That firewall doesn’t exist anymore because Democrats don’t pretend to like blue collar workers anymore.

The economy isn’t working for everyone but it’s working for the vast majority of people. Wages are rising fastest for the lowest income earners. The bottom 25% of wage earners have had their wages increase faster than supervisory personnel. It’s time to celebrate, not criticize, this economy.

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  • Chad Q says:

    The economy isn’t doing well for democrats because people are coming off the poverty and food stamp rolls and that isn’t good for the “government solves all your problems” politicians. Sad day when we are at full employment, very few are making the state or federal min wage because employers are hurting for workers, and all the democrats can do is complain. BTW, student debt is just another democrat caused problem.

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