Jessica Tarlov is a Fox News contributor and quite the Democrat spinmeister. In this Fox News op-ed, she spins quite the tall tale. She starts by saying “Imagine you are accused of a crime and ordered to stand trial – and you happily learn that your defense attorney is the jury foreman, and a majority of the jurors are your close friends and undying supporters. Ridiculous? Well, that’s exactly the situation President Trump will face when he goes on trial in the Senate following his impeachment Wednesday by the House of Representatives.”

Ms. Tarlov is a smooth spinmeister. Notice how she insinuated that President Trump had committed a crime. She didn’t actually say that. She just said “Imagine you are accused of a crime.” It’s clear at that point that she’s talking about President Trump even though President Trump hasn’t been accused of committing a crime. In fact, he’s the first president impeached without committing a crime.

Later, she writes this:

Impeaching a president is a solemn event. This is why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., came to work Wednesday in a black dress, the traditional outfit for a funeral, and gave House members who momentarily cheered when the first article of impeachment was adopted the look of a very, very disappointed mother.

In Pelosi’s attempt to make this impeachment look like a solemn event, the people who actually run the party, aka AOC + 3, decided to celebrate:

Later in the article, Tarlov wrote this:

What happens now? Will McConnell and Graham try to change the oath? Perhaps they’d like it to say: “I will do whatever Donald Trump tells me to do at all times, never questioning his orders. I will never convict him of anything, because he can do whatever he wants.”

The flaw with Ms. Tarlov’s thinking is that Democrats haven’t presented any proof that President Trump committed a crime. House Democrats passed a pair of crime-less articles of impeachment because they couldn’t find a crime. Here’s a thought — standing with a man wrongly accused is what people with character do.

But while the framers anticipated a rogue president who would put himself above the law, they never imagined the possibility that rogue senators would disregard their duty and pledge blind loyalty to support the president, no matter what he did. This effectively puts the president above the law and above the Constitution.

Again, Ms. Tarlov’s presumption is that President Trump has committed a crime. Democrats think that despite the fact that there isn’t any proof that happened. I’ve watched the hearings. I’ve seen people discredit the accusations made by Bill Taylor and Gordon Sondland:

Ms. Tarlov, where’s the proof that President Trump committed a crime? Is it invisible? Or is it that it just doesn’t exist?

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  • Chad Q says:

    The democrats are so bat shit crazy, they believe every word that comes out of their mouths now no matter how crazy or false those words are and the media is more than happy to keep spreading the lies.

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