Apparently, Democrats are noticing that their impeachment hearings are hurting Democrats more than they’re hurting President Trump. It’s becoming painfully obvious to those willing to see what they actually see.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza just now noticed and wrote about it, saying “Even as the House prepares for the historic vote, however, there’s growing evidence that the public impeachment proceedings in the House against Trump may actually be helping him politically.” Cillizza then continued, saying this:

Take a new Gallup poll released Wednesday morning, which shows two things happening since House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, opened up a formal impeachment inquiry in October regarding Trump’s conduct with Zelensky:

  1. Trump’s job approval rating has gone from 39% to 45%
  2. Support for Trump’s impeachment and removal has dipped from 52% to 46%.

Pelosi’s Democrats have helped President Trump go from a good candidate with great fundraising figures to a total beast whose campaign is just getting started. This isn’t about fact-finding. It’s about the Democrats’ outright hatred of President Trump. Doug Collins, the highest ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, summarized things beautifully during this interview on Fox & Friends:

By contrast, Democrats are flailing during today’s impeachment. Earlier today, Chairman Nadler accused Republican Louie Gohmert of repeating “Russian propaganda”:

The best line of Rep. Gohmert’s presentation was “You send blankets and MREs. They can eat and be warm while the Russians are killing them.” That’s what caused Chairman Nadler to accuse Gohmert of repeating “Russian propaganda.” It’s understandable that Chairman Nadler didn’t like what Mr. Gohmert said. That doesn’t make it Russian propaganda, though. It’s just the truth.

There’s plenty of verification that the Obama administration sent blankets and MREs to Ukraine. This article highlights how the Obama administration ‘helped’:

The package includes $7 million for international relief organizations providing humanitarian aid to civilians impacted by the fighting between Kiev and pro-Russian separatists. Another $46 million will go to assist Ukrainian military and border guards.


U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker will also travel to Ukraine later this month to meet with senior government officials and business leaders to discuss economic reforms there, as well as steps Kiev can take to strengthen its economy and attract private capital.

Those efforts are in addition to $291 million in direct assistance the U.S. has already provided to Ukraine, as well as a $1 billion loan guarantee offered to stabilize its economy.

But the new assistance does not include lethal aid, which leaders in Kiev have long called for in their fight against pro-Russian separatists. Poroshenko renewed that call during a joint address to Congress earlier Thursday, telling lawmakers “one cannot win a war with blankets.”

Democrats, not Republicans, endangered Ukrainian lives. Here’s additional proof that Democrats are flailing:

(H/T: Hot Air) If Democrats have “overwhelming evidence”, they should be willing to hold the trial without additional witnesses. These Democrats aren’t the brightest bulbs in the chandelier.

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