Michael Mukasey dropped a bombshell when he appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Sunday Morning Futures show. During the interview, which lasts 6:00, Mukasey was asked “I want to ask you about what took place last week where Adam Schiff had phone records of Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, John Solomon, a journalist, Devin Nunes, we’ll speak momentarily ranking member intel committee, not only get those phone records and let the public that he had not phone records. Everybody was speculating why did Rudy Giuliani call the White House. Why did John Solomon call Rudy Giuliani? Which, really, you’re allowed to make a phone call.”

Mukasey replied “There are statutes, part of the criminal code that restrict the ability of anybody to get those records and they list who can get them under what circumstances and that doesn’t include Congress. It is for law enforcement, for law enforcement purposes, or if the company wants to disclose them to save somebody’s life or prevent serious injury they can do that. Those are the only circumstances. A Congressional committee, as far as I know, has no authority to subpoena that information.

The conversation continued like this:

MARIA BARTIROMO: Are you saying that was a crime?
MICHAEL MUKASEY: The statute restricting that is in title 18. That is the criminal code. You tell me.
MARIA BARTIROMO: Wow. Devin Nunes says he will have a legal strategy come January. We’ll see what that looks like. Do you think he has strong standing?
MICHAEL MUKASEY: I think he has strong standing and there ought to be questions asked and answered how it is that Schiff purported to issue a congressional subpoena for telephone records to the provider, not to the people whose records they were, but to the provider.
MICHAEL MUKASEY: Does that mean for example, if somebody is nominated for a public office and being confirmed by a Senate committee that the Senate committee has the right to look at his telephone records? That is ridiculous. The statute was designed to stop that.

Call me crazy but that might mean trouble ahead for Mr. Schiff. That’s a potential legal bombshell for Chairman Schiff’s Committee Democrats. Committee Democrats voted to approve the impeachment report so they’re just as involved in those civil rights abuses as Schiff is.

If Schiff subpoenaed those phone records, which he’s already admitted, then Schiff might need a criminal defense attorney. After putting those phone records into the report that he wrote, there isn’t much of a defense that Schiff can mount. Here’s the Bartiromo-Mukasey interview:

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