I’m usually, though not always, proud to be a conservative. Today is one of those times that I’m especially proud of being a conservative. Earlier this afternoon, I was fortunate to catch the debate that erupted between Rush and Tony Snow. Tony was Rush’s guest for essentially the last half hour of the show today. The topic was immigration reform.

Those who were listening heard 2 men of undeniable gravitas arguing their points with passion, with substantial command of the facts and with a willingness to let the other person state their case. In short, it was conservative talk radio at its finest.

Rush’s frustration with the inaction after Simpson-Mazzoli was very obvious at a couple points. It’s a frustration that most conservatives, myself included, relate to all too well. Tony countered by stating that illegal immigration wasn’t a national issue at that time. Rush countered by saying that it’s always been a big issue in California. Tony responded by agreeing, then saying that it’s now an issue in Maine, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, etc., so it’s a national issue.

Rush also brought up the issue that the government isn’t enforcing the laws against employers now, then asking why we should believe that they’ll start now. Tony’s response was that Simpson-Mazzoli made it a misdemeanor but that there was no penalty for the criminals. Rush said that he thought it was a felony but Tony reminded him that it was this year’s House bill that made it a felony.

Tony’s defense of the President’s policies and Rush’s voicing the concerns that millions of conservatives in such a professional, informed manner should make all conservatives proud because it was a perfect example of how conservatives disagree with each other.

When a Kossack/MoveOn.org advocate disagrees with a DLC advocate, it gets bloody and it gets personal.

When conservatives of that much gravitas disagree, the entire debate is elevated.

Check back later when I post the transcript of the debate.

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