This article has me wondering about something. The article starts by saying “House Democratic leaders are bracing for some defections among a group of moderate Democrats in swing districts who are concerned a vote to impeach President Trump could cost them their seats in November. Lawmakers and senior aides are privately predicting they will lose more than the two Democrats who opposed the impeachment inquiry rules package in late September, according to multiple officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk frankly. Two senior Democratic aides said the total could be as many as a half-dozen, while a third said the number could be higher.”

This isn’t surprising. In fact, it’s quite predictable. Pelosi wants it both ways. She wants her Democrats to maintain their majority in 2020 and she wants to impeach President Trump in the hopes of defeating him in 11 months. President Trump will get impeached but he won’t get defeated. The worst news for Pelosi, aka the Red Queen, is that she’ll lose her Speaker’s Gavel next November. Good riddance.

Many of these freshman Democrats have virtually nothing in terms of accomplishments. They voted for the impeachment inquiry. Anyone that votes against the articles of impeachment after voting for the impeachment rules package will look like this:

These so-called moderates aren’t principled politicians. They’re just swampy-smelling politicians.

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