Isn’t it amazing that Speaker Pelosi announced that they’d reached agreement with Richard Trumka on the USMCA trade deal that President Trump negotiated minutes after House Democrats announced 2 articles of impeachment? Speaker Pelosi did her best to pretend that Trumka and House Democrats did the heavy lifting when, in fact, President Trump and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer did the heavy lifting. Sen. Grassley got it right when he said this:

Renegotiating NAFTA was a central campaign promise made by President Trump. He kept his word and Americans will enjoy the many benefits of this upgraded trade deal as a result.

This is a huge deal for industrial and agricultural states. Think Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. While only bitter partisan Democrats care about impeachment, literally millions of Americans living in Rust Belt states care about USMCA.

While Democrats take the blame for the most bitterly partisan impeachment process in US history, President Trump gets the credit for pushing the USMCA. At the time, Democrats expressed skepticism that President Trump would be able to renegotiate NAFTA. President Trump isn’t just on the verge of replacing NAFTA with USMCA. President Trump is on the verge of finalizing a major trade deal with China, too. If those trade agreements are finalized, ratified and officially signed in the next 3-6 months, the economy will take off. On the strength of that red-hot economy, President Trump will cruise to victory in November.

Despite Ms. Pelosi’s pro-Democrat spin, the American people know that Democrats didn’t influence the main agreement. Despite Pelosi’s statements at the press conference that Richard Trumka and Richard Neal played major rolls in a major recrafting the USMCA agreement, Democrats won a few concessions, which is typical on trade agreements.

Tonight, President Trump will hold another campaign rally, this time in Hershey, PA. Rest assured that President Trump will trumpet the victory on USMCA. Rest assured that he’ll spend time criticizing Democrats, especially the Schiff-Nadler-Pelosi partisan articles of impeachment. Tonight’s rally figures to be highly animated.

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