Since regaining control of the House, Democrats have ignored the people’s highest priorities while investigating and, within a month, impeaching President Trump. Farmers and unions badly want USMCA ratified. Pelosi’s Democrats keep insisting that they’re “working their way to yes”, a quaint way of telling farmers and manufacturers to shut up while Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff and a handful of radicals impeach the president.

On Nov. 3, 2020, the People will render a verdict on what’s important to them. That’s when voters across the nation will return the gavels to people who listen, aka Republicans. The Democrats don’t want to represent the people. They’d prefer telling the people what they should do.

Think of the ACA’s Individual Mandate, which says ‘buy our worthless and/or too expensive product or pay a fine. Rather than producing an appealing product that people actually want, Democrats told the people what they had to buy or else. When Pelosi’s crew of Democrats shoved that legislation down our throats, the next election produced a landslide that resulted in a 63-seat gain in the House for the Republicans. Consider that the people’s verdict on the ACA, aka Obamacare.

Have Democrats fixed our badly broken asylum laws? Have they funded the wall? Will Democrats close the loopholes in our immigration and deportation laws? Will Democrats do anything to fix the opioid epidemic? Will Rep. Schiff and Ms. Pelosi ignore the homeless crisis in their districts while chasing impeachment of a president without proof of high crimes or misdemeanors?

Q: How many problems have the Problem Solvers’ Caucus solved? A: Fewer than 1. This was just a gimmick to sound moderate. The Democrats in this Caucus are really just Do-Nothing Democrats.

Tomorrow, Jerry Nadler will get a second shot at significance. It isn’t likely that he’ll rise to the occasion but he’ll do a great job of cratering TV ratings. The Impeachment Committee hearings were mostly a snooze fest. The ratings started poorly (13,800,000 viewers), then went downhill after that, finishing with 11,400,000 viewers the final day.

The Democrats have been in the majority in the House of Representatives for almost a year. They’ve passed a bunch of busy-work bills that are highly partisan but they haven’t worked in a bipartisan fashion on the people’s priorities. They’ve had a one-track mind thus far, which is why impeachment is the only thing that Democrats have serious attention to.

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