It’s time for Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler to stop the impeachment nonsense. That’s because President Zelenskiy just reiterated that President Trump never tied lethal military aid to investigating Joe and Hunter Biden:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky insisted that he never discussed a quid pro quo with President Trump tying U.S. military aid to a request for political favors in a newly published interview. Nevertheless, he hit the Trump administration for the delay in that aid and for critical statements about his country.

Shortly after that, President Trump tweeted this:

That’s just part of the Democrats’ problem. Fred Barnes writes that Democrats haven’t identified a crime that President Trump has committed:

As they rush to impeach President Trump, Democrats have failed to recruit a single House Republican or to link the president’s offense clearly to an actual crime.

At townhall meetings last week, Democrats had difficulty answering questions about what specific crimes President Trump had committed. If Democrats are smart, which they aren’t, they’d drop these hearings. Democrats still haven’t produced proof that President Trump did anything that fits into “Treason, Bribery, high crimes or misdemeanors.” If this is any indication of the electorate’s mood, Democrats are heading into a stiff headwind:

But as the Ukrainian leader is preparing for talks with Russia, as he works to end the conflict, which included Russia’s 2014 seizure of the Crimean peninsula, he argued that withholding aid for any reason is not something an ally should do. “If you’re our strategic partner, then you can’t go blocking anything for us,” Zelensky said in an interview with TIME, France’s Le Monde, Germany’s Der Spiegel, and Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza. “I think that’s just about fairness. It’s not about a quid pro quo.”

I don’t blame President Zelenskiy for wanting to enter negotiations with Russia with the strongest possible position. I can’t blame President Trump for not sending the lethal military aid until he was certain that President Zelenskiy wasn’t corrupt. Both presidents did what they thought was right for their countries. If that ever becomes a crime, I don’t want to be around for that day.

What happened between the 2 presidents doesn’t come close to reaching the standard of high crimes and misdemeanors. Democrats can’t admit that, though, because they’ve wanted to impeach President Trump since virtually the day he was elected. They’ve wanted impeachment so badly that they can’t admit that this isn’t it.

Zelensky did appear to lend credence to Trump’s concerns, admitting that his country has had problems with corruption, but said he is working toward eliminating them. “It’s not that those things don’t exist. They do. All branches of government were corrupted over many years, and we are working to clean that up,” he said. “But that signal from them is very important.”

Just like President Zelenskiy is shutting down corruption in the Ukraine, Ms. Pelosi, Chairman Schiff and Chairman Nadler should shut down the impeachment hearings. Democrats are going nowhere fast with impeachment.

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