Friday night, Robin Biro mentioned something that few in the Agenda Media have talked about. He talked about “Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania” as battleground states. That’s the truth. Those 4 states are battleground states. Then Biro, a former Barack Obama campaign director, said in a serious tone that those states were once part of Hillary’s blue firewall. That’s quite a transformation.

If Democrats are fighting to hold Minnesota, they’re in trouble. If Democrats are fighting to flip Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin back into the Democrats’ column, they’re praying for a miracle. Considering the fact that there’s no sign that they’re trying to win back blue collar workers, Democrats might as well wish for a herd of unicorns.

According to Glenn Reynolds, this isn’t surprising:

If President Donald Trump is re-elected next November, he’ll owe a lot of his victory to the army of activists working tirelessly to put him over the top. No, I’m not talking about the red-hatted MAGA crowd, tireless as they are. I’m talking about the army of leftist activists whose nonstop craziness is moving moderates into the Trump column day by day.

Democrats are their own worst enemy. First, they unanimously rejected the Trump/GOP tax cuts. Immediately after the tax cuts passed, the economy took off like a supersonic jet. That wasn’t too bright. Next, Adam Schiff continuously insisted that President Trump had conspired with Russia to defeat Hillary. When the Mueller Report said that he hadn’t, they were in deeper hot water.

Finally, Schiff’s Democrats pushed their impeachment hearings down America’s throats without evidence or even an identifiable crime. Back in their districts, they’re getting an earful:

With cash pouring into the RNC, expect the RNC to put out lots of ads highlighting the fact that Democrats haven’t gotten anything done. If Democrats don’t turn legislation into signed laws, President Trump will campaign against Pelosi’s “Do-Nothing Democrats” until Election Day.

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  • Chad Q says:

    The extreme left and their loyal followers will cut off their noses to spite their face. They have to know that none, NONE of what the extreme left candidates is peddling will ever come true but they just can’t stand the fact the DJT beat them, they have to vote to spite their best interests.

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