Democrats won’t let impeachment go. They’re too invested in it to let go until the Democrats’ House majority is pried from their fingers next November by voters. That will happen next November.

The Democrats are delusional. Here’s what the looniest Democrats think:

Right now, Democratic leaders seem intent on a quick process: impeachment in the House before Christmas and a trial in the Senate sometime in the next few months. House leaders believe they have enough evidence to impeach the president. Finding enough Republicans to convict him in the Senate by a two-thirds vote looks impossible.

That’s foolish. Democrats still haven’t found a scintilla of evidence of anything. They’ve found corroboration for the MSM’s storyline but that isn’t proof. The Democrats’ big moment was supposed to happen when Bill Taylor testified. Things didn’t go as expected:

Ambassador Taylor didn’t talk with President Trump so Taylor’s understanding of the situation was based on hearsay. With a few exceptions, hearsay can’t be used as evidence. The other man that was supposed to put the final nail in President Trump’s coffin was Gordon Sondland, the US Ambassador to the EU. That didn’t end pretty either:

Though Democrats won’t admit it, they don’t have evidence that President Trump committed an impeachment offense. In Watergate, there was proof that Nixon told people to perjure themselves. That’s what real obstruction of justice looks like. In Watergate, there was evidence that President Nixon told FBI agents that they didn’t need warrants to wiretap antiwar protesters’ phone calls. That’s what a legitimate constitutional crisis looks like. It’s disgusting to compare the Democrats’ attempt to impeach President Trump with hearsay ‘evidence’ with a unified House and a unified Senate telling President Nixon that he’d be impeached, then convicted if he dragged it out.

Democrats will lose their majority in the House if they keep this up. Here’s why:

When asked to rank 11 issues as top priorities, impeachment placed last among independents, with just 27 percent ranking it as the top priority. For comparison, 74 percent selected the deficit, 72 percent selected healthcare, and 70 percent selected infrastructure spending as the top priority.

Voters simply don’t care about impeachment. You can beat a dead horse until your arms are sore but that critter still won’t eat, drink or swim. If Democrats keep beating that dead horse, their only ‘reward’ will be electoral defeats.

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