Based on this information, it’s apparent that impeachment isn’t inevitable anymore. As polling for impeachment craters, more Democrats are jumping ship. One of the latest Democrats that’s jumped ship is “Rep. Brenda Lawrence, a prominent supporter of Kamala Harris who has previously supported the impeachment inquiry.”

Just like polls aren’t the most reliable predictors of election outcomes, polling doesn’t always paint an accurate picture of what’s happening with issues. Watching partisan politicians actions are often a better indicator. In this instance, Lawrence’s actions tell us everything we need to know. If the Democrats’ impeachment hearing had produced the quantity of “bombshell” testimony that the MSM reported, the Democrats that run the Impeachment Committee would’ve stayed in DC to write their report. That isn’t happening. This is:

When Adam Schiff responded to Jake Tapper’s question about impeachment, nobody in the civilized world would’ve anticipated his answer that he wanted to talk to his constituents and his colleagues. The Adam Schiff of a month ago would’ve quickly responded with a ‘yes, we’re moving forward with impeachment. The evidence is overwhelming and it speaks for itself.’ This Adam Schiff is more contemplative, cautious, less confident.

Lawrence occupies a safely Democratic district that includes eastern Detroit, and her reluctance to move forward with impeachment suggested that moderate Democrats in swing districts may also be getting cold feet now that all scheduled hearings in the probe wrapped up last week.

If Lawrence isn’t on board with impeachment, then it isn’t going anywhere. It’s one thing to favor censure if you’re a Democrat representing a purple district. It’s another thing when you’re advocating for censure from a safe district.

Expect more defections from the Democrats’ “impeachment bandwagon.” Whether enough defect to sink impeachment is still too early to tell. Still, this is proof that the Democrats’ impeachment hearings were a dud.

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