Anyone with an IQ north of 75 and a willingness to view last week’s testimony honestly isn’t surprised that the Democrats’ impeachment hearings went terribly. Still, it isn’t surprising that Democrats are surprised that the polls are tanking for them.

New public opinion polls are moving against Democrats on impeachment, as independents sour on the House inquiry and increasingly express opposition to the hearings that have consumed Washington in recent weeks. The new data comes as a surprise to Democrats, many of whom believe the roster of witnesses have offered damning testimony about President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine.

This isn’t surprising. Democrats have wanted to impeach President Trump so badly for so long that they’d do anything to make it happen. The past 2 weeks, the Democrats’ testifiers would say something provocative in their opening statement, which was immediately leaked to CNN with the heading of “bombshell” testimony.

It didn’t matter that, in each of these instances, the testifiers’ provocative accusations was utterly shredded during the Republicans’ cross-examinations. For instance, Mike Turner got Gordon Sondland to admit that “I was presuming” the meeting was being conditioned on the investigation. Turner said that Sondland didn’t have anything on this theory, to which Sondland replied “Other than my presumption.” Turner immediately replied “Which is nothing.”

Democrats have based this impeachment on a series of nothingburgers. Seriously, each of the Democrats’ testifiers have gotten crushed. The apolitical people haven’t had any problems identifying the Democrats’ testifiers’ flawed testimony. That’s why the polling shows Democrats in trouble:

In October, independents supported impeachment 48 percent to 35 percent in Emerson’s polling. In the new poll released this week, independents opposed it by a 49 percent to 34 percent margin. In that time, overall support for impeaching Trump swung from 48 percent in favor and 44 percent against, to 45 percent in opposition to impeachment and 43 percent in favor.

Going from a +13 to a -15 is a 28-point swing in a month. That’s like falling off a cliff. This isn’t just a modest drop. It’s a warning sign to Democrats that the people want them to actually do things rather than insisting on impeaching a gruff but productive president. Voters have factored in President Trump’s personality traits and said ‘we can live with that as long as the economy keeps humming.’

Democrats bet everything on impeachment. They lied to the American people for 3+ years. When the Mueller Report went bust, Schiff’s Democrats found a CIA snitch, dressed him up as a whistleblower, then insisted that President Trump had tried strong-arming the Ukrainian president into investigating the Biden family. The problem was that President Trump released the transcript of the phone call. The minute that happened, the Democrats were screwed.

People could read the 5-page transcript and judge for themselves. They didn’t need to watch the Democrats’ testifiers to know what happened. Try as the media might, they couldn’t move the Democrats’ impeachment needle. As I’ve said consistently, these weren’t witnesses because they didn’t witness anything substantive. They were testifiers. Democrats voted to investigate a rabbit hole that was empty.

Only Democrats are surprised that they found nothing.

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  • J. Ewing says:

    Part of these poll results are an indicator of just how few people are actually paying attention to politics in general and this show trail in particular. Part of it represents the outsize influence of the liberal media, and part of it is due to simple, irrational partisan bias. For those viewing it in reasonably objective terms (that is, us Republican-leaning folks) we need to adjust to the idea that there WILL be an impeachment vote in the House, and it WILL pass. How many vulnerable Democrats will Pelosi force to walk the plank is unknown but she has no choice. If they vote to impeach, Republicans will be furious with them, and many of those 39 vulnerable Democrats will lose their seats. If they do NOT impeach, both Republicans AND Democrats will be mad at them and many more will lose their seats. Desirable but unlikely.

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