This morning, Rep. Conaway yielded his time to Rep. John Ratcliffe, (R-TX), to cross-examine Jennifer Williams and Lt. Col. Vindman. Rep. Ratcliffe started by asking if either of them had noticed the Democrats’ change during the impeachment inquiry from insisting that President Trump was guilty of a quid pro quo to being guilty of committing extortion to finally settling on “bribery.” Rep. Ratcliffe highlighted the fact that bribery wasn’t used until Speaker Pelosi used it. After that, Ratcliffe noticed that Pelosi’s use of the word opened the floodgates within the MSM.

Ratcliffe then stated that the words bribe or bribery weren’t used in either witness’s deposition. In fact, Rep. Ratcliffe said that the word bribery was used only once in 3,500 pages of depositions released thus far. Then Ratcliffe highlighted the fact that the term bribery wasn’t used in connection with President Trump. Ratcliffe stated that the only time the term bribery was used was in connection with Vice President Biden.

Ratcliffe’s presentation was, in my opinion, as powerful of a presentation as Rep. Chris Stewart’s cross-examination of Ambassador Yanokovitch:

The other standout cross-examination was Jim Jordan’s cross-examination of William Taylor:

I will update this post with the video of Rep. Ratcliffe when it’s posted. Thus far, the thing that’s most clear is that Republicans have made some significant points without jumping the shark with either Jennifer Williams or Lt. Col. Vindman. Another thing that’s clear is that Democrats haven’t gotten that bombshell testimony that they need to move public opinion.

UPDATE: Here is the video of John Ratcliffe’s cross-examination of Lt. Col. Vindman:

Of course, the MSM essentially ignored Ratcliffe’s cross-examination because it didn’t fit their storyline. Rep. Ratcliffe talked about how “last Thursday, in a press conference, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that President Trump had committed the impeachable offense of bribery, evidenced in the transcript of his July 25th phone call with President Zelenskiy. In concert with that, several Democrat members of this committee gave TV and radio interviews over this past week discussing how the President’s conduct supported his impeachment for the crime of bribery, all of which struck me as odd because for the longest time, this was all about quid pro quo, according to the whistleblower’s complaint.”

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