If there was a more mesmerizing moment Wednesday morning than Jim Jordan’s ridiculing of Ambassador Bill Taylor, it’s impossible to believe. After having time given to him to cross-examine Ambassador Taylor, Mr. Jordan referenced EU Ambassador Sondland’s amended testimony. In the amended testimony from Ambassador Sondland, Sondland affirms “Ambassador Taylor recalls that Mr. Morrison told Ambassador Taylor that I told Mr. Morrison that I convey this message to Mr. Yarmack on September 1, 2019 in connection with Vice President Pence‚Äôs meeting to Warsaw and a meeting with President Zelensky.'”

According to Ambassador Taylor, this is the part of Ambassador Sondland’s testimony that gave Ambassador Taylor a clear understanding of what was going on with the connectivity of the investigation of Hunter Biden to the lethal foreign aid to Ukraine. After Taylor affirms that, Jordan replies that “I’ve seen church prayer chains that were less complicated.”
Here’s the video of Jordan’s questioning of Taylor:

That’s as clarifying as mud. It’s impossible to think that Taylor suddenly had a clearer understanding of US lethal military aid being tied to investigating Hunter Biden after Taylor read Sondland’s additional testimony. That’s after Taylor testified to Jordan that he’d met with President Zelenskiy 3 times in 55 days but that the connectivity between the investigation into the Bidens and military aid never came up during the discussions.

If Ukraine felt threatened by Russia militarily in July, 2019, why wouldn’t President Zelenskiy bring that subject up? We know that President Zelenskiy brought up the subject of purchasing additional Javelin anti-tank missiles from the US during his call with President Trump of July 25, 2019. What’s amazing is that that’s a day prior to Ambassador Taylor’s conversation with President Zelenskiy.

If Zelenskiy was worried about protecting Ukraine from Russia, wouldn’t he have asked forcefully about the missiles from both President Trump and Ambassador Taylor? The transcript shows he mentioned the Javelins but that’s it.

Democrats have lost the impeachment fight. Wednesday was their only chance to make a first impression. Instead, the phrase that people will remember is Jim Jordan’s. Finally, Never Trumper Steve Hayes is dining on foot tonight. On Monday night’s All-Star Panel, Hayes said that Jim Jordan had done a good job prior to getting his Intel Committee assignment but then suggested that he wasn’t a good fit on the Committee. Here’s to that fine dining, Steve.

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