According to this article from CBS Boston, the problems in the Minnesota Department of Human Services are widespread. To quote the article, “DHS lost track of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer money in just the last five years. That’s according to numerous investigations, reviews and outside independent analysis of one of Minnesota’s largest and most important agencies.”

Check this out:

Here’s a partial list in one place:
DHS Fraud/Waste

  • 2016: $271 million to MNsure.
  • 2017: $7.7 million to Medicaid.
  • 2018: $30 million to MNCare.
  • 2019: $72 million in child care.
  • 2019: $3.7 million to dead people.
  • 2019: $30 million in opioid overpayments.

That list alone comes to $414,400,000. That’s almost half a billion dollars spent on people who allegedly didn’t qualify for their various programs. That’s quite stunning in light of this fact:

Minnesota’s sprawling DHS occupies a full city block in downtown St. Paul, with 16,000 employees and a budget of $17.5 billion.

That’s before learning this:

DHS manages thousands of programs for Minnesota’s most vulnerable poor, disabled, seniors and children. Those programs include food stamps and housing, health care, refugee resettlement, sex offender treatment, gambling, drug addiction and mental health, and much more.

Then there’s this:

That statement is from 2011. The statement said that oversight was weak even then. Think about that a minute. Things didn’t change in almost a decade. Then think about this frightening thought: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders want this to be the blueprint for health care ‘reform’. You can virtually hear people saying ‘Over my dead body’. The frightening thought about that battle cry in Minnesota is that those dead people might get a check from Human Services.

Trusting DHS isn’t a worthwhile effort.

5 Responses to “Widespread DHS corruption”

  • eric z says:

    Is incompetence or indifference the same as corruption? If not, the difference would be motive. Insufficient talent, or laziness, neither has a hostile intent, a will to do wrong in a way recognized as wrong.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Nobody is that indifferent for years at a time. I suspect that this was a way to shovel extra money to the tribes, etc. That’s corruption.

  • Gretchen L Leisen says:

    To Eric Z – so in other words, ‘ignorance is bliss”. That old saying still holds a lot of weight, especially when it concerns today’s Democrats. It gives cover to funneling lots of cash to their favorite voter groups.

  • Chad Q says:

    If this were to have happened under GOP control, people like Eric would be asking “how could they be this incompetent” and all the good little socialists would be demanding heads roll. But since it’s socialists wasting $500 million of taxpayer money, no harm, no foul.

  • Gary Gross says:

    It’s worth noting that this upcoming election is about keeping the No-Oversight DFL in control so more taxpayers get ripped off & more special interest groups get money illegally transferred to them.

    If the DFL maintains control of the House, rest assured that oversight will become a 4-letter word in 2021.

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