Today, Senate Democrats did another stupid thing. Senate Democrats voted to filibuster the “funding for our national defense for the second time in two months.” Sen. McConnell continued, saying “This funding was agreed to in the bipartisan, bicameral deal that Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic Leader signed onto just a few months ago. But now they have walked away from the agreement they signed and filibustered funding for our military commanders.”

The fact that the Democrats reneged on the deal negotiated in good faith is troubling enough. Proving that their word is worthless on national security isn’t the look you want heading into a presidential election. That’s what Democrats are doing heading into 2020. Sen. McConnell didn’t stop there:

Over in the House, Speaker Pelosi continues to stall the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The USMCA would bring tens of billions in new commerce and create 176,000 new American jobs, but House Democrats would rather pursue political theater. So American workers and farmers are still waiting.

However, while our Democratic colleagues block these bipartisan priorities, at least they are not shy about what they do support. We’ve seen what Democrats prioritize. We remember the ‘Green New Deal’, an effort to grab unprecedented control over American families’ daily lives.

The Do-Nothing Democrats are at it again. Rather than ratifying the USMCA, the Do-Nothing Democrats can’t bring themselves to putting the nation first. They’d rather crush the US economy than give President Trump a victory. How sick is that?

Impeachment is fueled virtually entirely by anti-Trump animosity. Democrats already know that they won’t remove President Trump from office. Schiff’s charges don’t add up to high crimes and misdemeanors. That doesn’t matter because Schiff would do anything to impeach President Trump.

This Congress started with House Democrats insisting that they could “walk and chew gum at the same time.” At the halfway point, Senate Democrats are showing that they don’t want to get things done. This isn’t about anything except Democrats obeying their Resistance masters. Democrats ditched fighting for America months ago. Democrats just fight for progressives’ ideological victories.

That’s why these Democrats can’t be shamed into doing something as simple as supporting the military. These Democrats are outright losers.

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