This article is great news for President Trump. The information should boost Trump campaign staff’s morale a bunch.

According to the article, “Donald Trump is competitive in head-to-head match ups with top Democrats in six key battleground states, according to a new set of New York Times/Siena College polls. Across Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona and North Carolina, the six states that Trump won most narrowly in 2016, the president trails Joe Biden by an average of two percentage points among registered voters, within the margin of error.”

It’s been my experience that polls of likely voters usually are better than polls of registered voters. This polling isn’t the entire picture, either. Today on Outnumbered OT, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said that they’re registering new voters in 18 battleground states. McDaniel also said that they’re using tomorrow’s gubernatorial elections as a trial run for 2020. It helps when the RNC is raking in record amounts of contributions, not to mention the amount of small dollar contributions that are flowing in, thanks to pro-Trump enthusiasm.

The crowds at President Trump rallies are impressive. The online contributions are another indicator of voter approval for President Trump’s agenda. If these contributors to President Trump’s campaigns weren’t enthusiastic, you wouldn’t see these overflow crowds and record-setting small-dollar fundraising. Compare the Trump fundraising with Biden’s fundraising.

Biden’s fundraising is lackluster and it’s mostly big dollar donors who max out quickly. It isn’t surprising that Democrats are worried about their candidates.

That’s only part of the reason why President Trump is feeling optimistic. If the Democrats’ nominee is Elizabeth Warren, they’re in lots of trouble. Sen. Warren’s proposed Medicare-for-All plan is a major unforced error. First, there’s no way to pay for it. Next, it’s a plan that nobody wants outside of Ms. Warren and Sen. Sanders. If either senator are the nominee, Democrats will get crushed in all 3 races, aka the presidential, the House and the Senate.

House Democrat freshmen are already in deep trouble. Think of all of the freshmen that ran, saying that they wouldn’t vote for Pelosi as Speaker. Then think of all of the freshmen that then voted for Pelosi as Speaker. Next, think of all of the freshmen that campaigned as moderates. Freshmen like Conor Lamb vehemently insisted that they were moderates. Then Pelosi twisted their arms until they voted to open the impeachment inquiry. Don’t think that won’t hurt.

Add that to a presidential race that’s a potential drag on the Democrats’ down-ticket races and this could be a difficult year for Democrats and Chairman Perez. Here in Minnesota, Democrat freshmen Angie Craig and Dean Phillips just made their re-election campaigns much more difficult. This guy will be difficult to beat:

Minnesotans deserve courageous leaders who are focused, disciplined, and honest who will take a stand when times are hard. You deserve leaders who won’t say one thing then throw those promises out the window when they get to Washington. We face tough problems today, problems I can address in a meaningful way because of my personal and professional experiences.

I’m a leader with both military and corporate experience that is outside the world of politics. I know how to create a vision and move people toward a goal that is larger than each individual and that transcends racial, economic and gender differences.

It’s apparent that Mr. Qualls is a leader. Mr. Phillips hasn’t done a thing since getting elected, then joining the Problem Solvers Caucus.

Pitting a talker against the leader in that video isn’t a fair fight.

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