Democrat Rep. Jim Himes was 8-years-old when Richard Nixon resigned as President. Now he’s insisting that “Trump’s actions worse than what was seen during the Nixon administration.” That means he’s joined Carl Bernstein in the ‘Worse than Watergate’ Club.

When Bernstein recites the line that X, Y or Z is “worse than Watergate”, he knows that’s good for a contract extension with CNN. When Himes says it, he sounds like a wet-behind-the-ears punk. Then there’s Himes’ flimsy explanation for his belief:

“These are abuses of power by any stretch of the imagination that requires a response,” Himes said, after claiming that “we are looking at abuse of power and a level of corruption here that makes the Nixon impeachment look like child’s play.” He supported that statement by claiming that Nixon himself did not participate in the Watergate break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters, and that “nobody died in Ukraine because Nixon held up aid to a very vulnerable nation.”

Anyone that lived through that nightmare knows that breaking into the Watergate Hotel wasn’t the thing that sparked the outrage of a nation. Between the antiwar protests and President Nixon telling the FBI that they didn’t need a warrant to surveil the protesters, that’s what sparked Watergate. That’s what constitutes a true abuse of office. That’s what constitutes a true constitutional crisis.

The Democrats’ insistence that President Trump needed help with dispatching Biden is beyond laughable. Have they seen his campaign of gaffes? Have they seen his flat-footed debate performances? Do Democrats think that President Trump is the least bit worried about ‘Sleepy’ Joe Biden? That’s completely different than Nixon’s attitude in 1972.

Nixon was paranoid about whether he’d defeat McGovern. That’s why he ordered the break-in of the DNC Headquarters. President Trump doesn’t have that worry about Biden. What worried President Trump is the history of corruption in Ukraine. Unlike other presidents, Trump insisted on holding up aid until he was certain that the aid was going to the people who would use it to combat Russians.

By the time President Trump brought up the Bidens, the call was almost over. If he was that worried about Joe Biden, wouldn’t he have mentioned it earlier, rather than as an afterthought?

This is very good news if it happens:

Himes said that he predicts public, televised hearings will begin “some time in the next two or three weeks,” but said they still need to interview more witnesses behind closed doors before that happens. Himes did say that transcripts of the closed hearings will be released.

The transcripts of the depositions should be interesting. We’ll get to see who’s been spinning wildly and who’s been telling the truth. It’s difficult to picture Adam Schiff being truthful. It’s easy picturing John Ratcliffe being transparent, though.

I can’t wait for this manufactured fiasco to be over. If I don’t hear Jim Himes or Carl Bernstein insist that the next scandal is “worse than Watergate”, that’s just fine with me.

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  • John Palmer says:

    Which President really withheld lethal military aid from Ukraine?

    A. George Bush B. Barack Obama C. Donald Trump D. All of them

    If you answered B you would be correct. I guess Rep. Himes must believe the Obama has blood on his hands. Here is another question” Which Vice President used a Quid pro Quo?

    Answer Joseph Biden. I wonder why Obama and Biden were not impeached?

    I think you know the reason.

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