The Democrats’ impeachment dilemma isn’t difficult to find. This article definitely doesn’t bury the lede:

“Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment resolution day turned into a MASSIVE fundraising day for ??@realDonaldTrump?,” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted Friday morning. According to Parscale, the campaign raised $3 million online in one day, totaling $19 million in funds raised over the course of the month. The $3 million addition came the same day the House passed the resolution, which the campaign called a “sham.”

Expect that total to be dwarfed when the Judiciary Committee approves articles of impeachment. The way that I’m choosing to view this is that this is proof of how fired up Republicans are.

This information is miles ahead of the Democrats:

On Friday, a day after the House vote, Facebook ads from the Trump Make America Great Again Committee asked supporters to “add your name” to the people willing to “Stand with President Trump” in the face of the impeachment inquiry.
Supporters then are encouraged to leave their names, email addresses, ZIP codes and mobile numbers.
In a recent conference call with reporters, a Trump official called the reelection effort a “digital first campaign” that can swiftly seize on fast-moving news, such as developments in the impeachment inquiry, to target voters and test and tweak advertising messages on digital platforms.

“They are running a highly sophisticated operation,” Reid Vineis, vice president for digital at Republican ad-buying firm Majority Strategies, said of the Trump operation. “The Trump campaign has been essentially building a database for the 2020 general election.” Of particular value: The campaign’s collection of mobile phone numbers.

“Politics is much more effective at a one-to-one level,” Vineis said. “Text messages are read almost 100% of the time. The Trump campaign’s accumulation of all this text-messaging data gives them a direct line to voters.”

The Trump campaign has already identified tons of voters. That’s led to tons of online contributions from new supporters. It’s fair to say that the Trump campaign is building out their base. Yes, their 2016 supporters still support him. They aren’t the only people supporting him, though.

While Democrats are still picking their nominee, President Trump is growing his base while dirtying up his potential opponents.

2 Responses to “Democrats’ impeachment dilemma”

  • eric z says:

    P. T. Barnum had an aphorism explaining the three million, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  • Chad Q says:

    Who are the suckers? The people who have believed in the progressives message for almost 70 years that “you can’t do it on your own, you’re a victim, and you need government control of your life”? Or is it the people who voted for Trump when he asked what do you have to lose, is doing exactly what he ran on, and the economy is doing well with all classes improving their status? I think it’s the former. Those giving money to any progressive candidate have the cartoon sucker over their heads as they give up their hard earned money.

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