Anyone that thinks that Adam Schiff was telling the truth when he said that he enters the ‘new’ impeachment phase with an open mind isn’t paying attention. House Democrats didn’t vote 232-196 just to start “Phase 2” of impeachment. The rules haven’t really changed. Adam Schiff is still in charge of impeaching President Trump. In fact, I can make an argument that the rules that the House just passed have the potential of giving Schiff additional authority in that he now officially has veto authority on who Republicans can call as witnesses and whether he’ll allow Republicans can ask certain questions.

Schiff isn’t strong in the integrity ratings. What he’s missing in terms of integrity, he makes up for in terms of dictatorial enthusiasm. He’s got all the traits needed to be a dictator or tyrant.

In this video, Schiff says “We have been compelled by the circumstances to move forward. When a president abuses his or her office, when the president sacrifices the national interest, when the president refuses to defend the Constitution, and does so to advance a personal or political agenda, the Founders provided a remedy. I make no prejudgment as to whether that remedy will be warranted when we finish these hearings.”

With this morning’s vote, the Democrats have turned the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence into the Adam Schiff Impeachment Committee. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence shouldn’t be distracted from reviewing intelligence from the world’s most dangerous places. It’s the committee that should be the least partisan of all of the House’s committees. Thursday, virtually every Democrat voted to turn the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence into the home of partisanship. That’s proof to me that Democrats aren’t serious about governing. Frankly, I haven’t seen proof that they’re interested in governing.

Adam Schiff tried his best to act somber after the vote. Let’s just say that, though he’s from Burbank, he’ll never be an actor.

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