Anyone that thinks that President Trump isn’t amazing isn’t paying attention. It isn’t about whether you agree with his tweets or not. It’s about President Trump’s ability to focus on what’s most important the past month. Democrats have been trying to impeach President Trump since before he took office. That’s 3 years ago. While Resist Democrats, aka Do-Nothing Democrats, have stood against virtually everything President Trump advocated for, President Trump has implemented policies that’ve put the United States on the right path economically and from a national security standpoint.

Just 48 hours ago, Do-Nothing Democrats and their media allies criticized President Trump’s decision to pull a handful of troops out of northern Syria. Some Democrats said that “the White House had no ‘real plan’ to combat the terror group following the U.S. pullout in Syria.” Sunday morning, President Trump held an hour-long news conference to announce an operation that killed the world’s top terrorist, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. That happened without the world knowing what was happening. President Trump knew what was happening for 3 days.

Despite Democrats’ constant criticism, President Trump has made great decisions. President Trump’s economic policies have strengthened families while lifting minority families out of poverty. President Trump’s military policies have brought troops home without giving comfort to terrorists. (President Obama can’t say that.)

Despite the Democrats’ 3-year-long impeachment investigation, President Trump’s policies have made the US more prosperous, rebuilt rural America, made the US energy dominant while rebuilding the military and strengthening border security. He’s done this without a single vote from Democrats. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has strengthened the US economy. That passed without a single Democrat vote in the House or Senate.

Each day, President Trump has to listen to busybodies throw hissy fits about him allegedly committing treason or the walls closing in. He’s had to listen to has-been reporters claim that what Trump did was “worse than Watergate.” Additionally, President Trump has had to listen to commentators insist that that day’s testimony was a bombshell.

President Trump just keeps chugging along. He’s heard this crap for 3+ years. It hasn’t stopped him from giving as good as he’s gotten. It hasn’t stopped him from getting major initiatives enacted. When he puts this all together at the Convention next year, it’ll make for an impressive-sounding acceptance speech that’ll rally longtime activists and newly minted Republicans alike.

I don’t think that President Trump can walk on water but I’m convinced that he’s accomplished as much in 3 years as Bill Clinton accomplished in 8. Considering the hostile press he’s faced daily and the Do-Nothing Democrats impeachment insanity he’s had to deal with, it’s amazing he’s still standing, much less flourishing. When impeachment falls behind him, President Trump won’t have to deal with the BS that he’s had to deal with his entire presidency.

Hopefully, President Trump will be re-elected with a bigger GOP Senate majority while retaking the House away from the nuts that currently run the Democrat Party. If we have unified government again, the economy will improve and more reforms will get accomplished.

That would be truly amazing.

4 Responses to “Proof that Trump is amazing

  • eric z says:

    He showed up at a World Series game. AP, carried by Seattle PI, reported he was roundly booed with a chant among some, “Lock him up.” Regardless of spinning, that is fact. I’d like to see that happen. Locked up, with Joe Biden his cellmate. The sun would shine brighter and birds would sing better were that to happen. There has to be a first step out of the quagmire.

  • J. Ewing says:

    What quagmire? Economy up, regulation down, wall up, the Caliph down. The only quagmire we still have is the Democrat do-nothing Congress, mucking everything up.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Trump is that step out of the quagmire. He speaks for millions of uppity peasants that the Democrats forgot about years ago.

  • Chad Q says:

    I’ll take this quagmire over the one Obama had us in for 8 years. That one was real, this one is only in the minds of people with TDS or true socialists.

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