This morning, Democrats got news that ISIS mastermind Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed. Rumors of al-Baghdadi’s demise started leaking out around midnight last night. One of the first Democrats to get the news was Eric Swalwell, who told Chris Wallace “I was told right before I came on.”

Speaker Pelosi was upset, saying “The House must be briefed on this raid, which the Russians but not top Congressional Leadership were notified of in advance, and on the Administration’s overall strategy in the region. Our military and allies deserve strong, smart and strategic leadership from Washington.” Instead of being just praising the military’s performance, Pelosi’s statement spent too much complaining. The Russians were alerted because the strike force flew through airspace controlled jointly by Turkey and Russia. During his news conference, President Trump told reporters that the Kurds, Syrians, Turks and Russians were told that US helicopter gunships would be flying through their regions but weren’t told why they flew through.

When President Trump announced that he was pulling troops out of Syria, he took tons of criticism, including from some Republicans. Now, he’s getting praised profusely by Republicans. Pelosi wasn’t the only Democrat whining. Adam Schiff, the House Democrats’ Impeachment Chairman, couldn’t stop whining either. According to this article, Schiff said “The idea that we would pull our forces away from this vital ally, the Kurds…and now we’re sending our troops back in to protect oil?. So we’ll betray an ally, but we’ll go back in to protect the oil? That sickens me.”

The US military just killed the world’s most-wanted terrorist and Schiff is whining about a detail? Where’s the patriotism? I haven’t seen it from the Democrats. The Democrats’ statements have been, putting it charitably, qualified. This is how a patriot makes a statement:

I applaud President Trump’s announcement that U.S. special forces have eliminated ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The world’s most wanted man has been brought to justice. The world is a safer place today.

This victory for the U.S. and our many counterterrorism partners is a significant step for the campaign against ISIS, for the future of the Middle East, and for the safety of the American people and free people around the world.

A victory like this is only possible because of the expertise, skill, and courage of those who work to keep the United States safe. I am grateful for the intelligence professionals who laid the groundwork for this raid, for the brave American servicemembers who risked everything to carry it out, and to President Trump and his team for their leadership.

While we welcome the fact that al-Baghdadi has been brought to justice, we know we cannot underestimate the resilience of terrorist groups like ISIS and al Qaeda. The important counterterrorism work of the United States, our international coalition partners, and local forces will not end with this significant victory. To the contrary, history shows us how vital it is to keep building on this victory and continue our work to set the conditions for the enduring defeat of ISIS, al Qaeda, and other terrorists in Syria, in Afghanistan, and around the world.

That’s Mitch McConnell’s statement. That’s the right pitch, the right attitude. Vice President Pence provides the best explanation of the raid in this interview:

Pence quickly dispatched the impeachment questions before quickly pivoting to killing al-Baghdadi and praising the professionalism of our special operators. Today is a day to praise our military and its commander-in-chief. Politics can wait until another day.

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