Here’s the headline from yesterday’s E & P article:

Gallup: In Shift, More Americans Now Call Themselves Democrats

Here’s a glimpse into what E & P wrote:

In a (perhaps) historic shift, more Americans now consider themselves Democrats than Republicans, the Gallup organization revealed today. Republicans had gained the upper hand in recent years, but 33% of Americans, in the latest Gallup poll, now call themselves Democrats, with those favoring the GOP one point behind. But Gallup says this widens a bit more “once the leanings of Independents are taken into account.”

This is spinning if ever I’ve read spin. The latest polling can’t tell you anything about party registration. To get truly accurate readings on that information, they need to get it from the U.S. Census Bureau, which keeps track of party registrations.

In other words, the Gallup poll doesn’t say that there’s been a drop in registered Republicans; it’s saying that that’s what percent of the people called identified themselves as D’s or R’s.

After reading articles like this, I’ve asked myself what qualifications some of these idiots have for being a reporter. If you figure it out, let me know.

UPDATE: The indespensible Michael Barone is on this case like I thought he would be. Here’s Michael’s take on the issue:

I’m not sure why this is treated as news. Since Gallup pioneered random-sample polling in October 1935, Democrats have always had an advantage over Republicans in party identification. When I entered the polling business in 1974, Democrats had a huge advantage in party ID, something on the order of 49 percent to 25 percent.

I don’t know why it’s treated as news, either, Michael. It’s amazing what the Agenda Media considers news these days.

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