After tonight’s debate, the pundits’ consensus was that, thanks to impeachment, the race would essentially remain a 2-way race between Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. After the debate, though, that conventional wisdom appears to have gotten shattered. The oldest candidate in the race suddenly became the most appealing choice to young people:

At least three members of the “Squad” of far-left freshman members of Congress will reportedly endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders for president. Fox News has learned that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., will appear with Sanders on Saturday in Queens, N.Y., at a “Bernie’s Back” rally designed to generate excitement for the senator’s campaign following his recent heart procedure. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., will also endorse the candidate, Fox News confirmed.

In addition, CNN reported that Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., will endorse Sanders as well. It was not immediately clear if Omar and Tlaib will appear at the same Sanders event.

This will be fascinating to watch. First, will this change the trajectory for Elizabeth Warren, who has been climbing since late summer? Next, will this stop Bernie’s recent slide and reposition him firmly amongst the frontrunners? Third, does this essentially end the race for the second-tier candidates?

The endorsements would be a significant blow to the campaign of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who like Sanders has been representing the party’s progressive wing. Word of the endorsements also followed Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in Ohio, where Warren was under attack from multiple candidates after rising in the polls in recent weeks.

This is a potentially big moment from the standpoint of attracting young voters. It also denies Sen. Warren a big victory. Bernie can now point to this as proof that the heart attack didn’t stop him from being a force. How many points this will be worth in the next round of polling is unknowable but there’s little doubt that his post-heart attack slide just stopped.

Whether that’ll catapult him in Iowa or New Hampshire remains to be seen, too. What isn’t disputable is whether Saturday’s official endorsement will breathe new life into Bernie’s campaign. It certainly will.

The other thing that this sets up is a situation that tests whether the socialist wing of the Democratic Party is big enough to defeat the not-quite-as-crazy wing of the Democrat Party.

3 Responses to “Bernie’s post-debate moment?”

  • J. Ewing says:

    Fortunately for Bernie, a candidate, like an idea, should not be judged by those who support him/it. But he will be, and any sane voter should now run screaming from his campaign. Not that he attracts any sane voters to begin with, so…

  • eric z says:

    They need to declutter the f**king stage. That’s point one. Being from Minnesota, I was embarassed by Klobuchar, so cut it to five if not being honest and to three.

    Second, Dick Cheney is still sucking air and he has more stents than a dog has fleas. As a chain smoker with multiple procedures, Cheney is proof there is life after stents.

    Third, it was tedious with all those single-digit honchos at each end of the row, and they need to declutter the stage. But I said that already.

    Fourth, htf did Harris ever get elected AG of a large state? Really? She was ill-mannered in attacking Warren and then constantly interrupting Warren’s responding. Interrupting with nothing real to say. Too ill-mannered to be President is worse than “too old.” And her point, closing Trump’s Twitter access – is there much dumber than that being said by anyone??? If so, name it.

  • Chad Q says:

    “Is there much dumber than that being said by anyone??? If so, name it” Pretty much anything coming out of any of the progressive socialist candidates mouths is ridiculous and dumb. Medicare for all, a wealth tax, free health care for illegals, free sex changes for prisoners, and I could go on and on. Dumb and dumber is all they are.

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