I can’t imagine what it’s like to carry the Democrats’ hatred around all day, day after day, week after week. The economy is humming along. Unemployment is at historic lows, especially for minorities. Friends and neighbors are prospering. But you’re still miserable, all because Trump is still president. What type of existence is that? I can’t even call it a life.

Democrats are supposedly upset with President Trump because he’s had the audacity to highlight the Bidens’ corruption. How dare he! After spending 50 years in DC, Biden was entitled to cash in on the Swamp. So what if he had to resort to a little extortion. He’s entitled.

The Democrats’ hatred started the day after Trump’s improbable election victory. He couldn’t have won, they thought. Our candidate was Swamp-approved. She’d lived in DC since the time of Moses or, at minimum, the time of the Roman Empire.

Last night, this article announced that Democrats are willing to impeach President Trump without investigating Ukraine-gate. The gospel according to the whistleblower states that Trump committed a no-no. He committed diplomacy. Forget about committing “treason, bribery, high crimes or misdemeanors,” the actual definition of impeachment. President Trump didn’t roll over like past GOP presidents. That’s why Democrats are starting to like Mitt Romney. (He’s speaking stupidity to power.)

President Trump asked for Ukrainian President Zelensky’s help in finding out who hacked the DNC’s email server. Clearly, President Trump wanted to stop Ukraine’s election tampering. The Democrats’ hatred isn’t just focused on President Trump.

The Democrats’ hatred is focused at Justice Kavanaugh, too:

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), a leading voice on the push to impeach Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, joined hundreds of women outside the court on Sunday in protest of the anniversary of his confirmation. “Kavanaugh may have that seat for now but what you, what we are fighting for is so much bigger than one insecure man blinded by his privilege,” Pressley said.

“You are fighting for the liberation, injustice, for all of us. Because you know that our destinies are tied for generations we have softened our language and moderated our tone,” she added. “No more.”

According to Ms. Pressley, white Supreme Court justices should be impeached for — white privilege? I’m betting that that’s a high crime in Ms. Pressley’s mind.

The Democrats’ hatred is insanity turned outward. It has to stop before it destroys this nation. Since President Trump took office, Democrats have talked about his tax cuts as the start of Armageddon. AOC has told us that the world will die in 12 years if we don’t cripple our economy.

Here’s my message to these Democrats. Stop talking in such apocalyptic terms. Things aren’t as bad as you think. Take a few deep breaths. Settle into a soothing round of prayer. Ask Christ for forgiveness. Act like this guy:

Ms. Pelosi spoke about solemnity and prayer. This leader lived out what Ms. Pelosi talked about. If Democrats ask God for forgiveness for how they’ve acted, they will be forgiven immediately. That’s definitely needed right now.

6 Responses to “The Democrats’ hatred”

  • J. Ewing says:

    For most of these scalawags– an ancient and too-honorable term– God is a convenient and all-too-plastic shield they only wield when they are caught red-handed in the foulest of misdeeds. I don’t think there is an ounce of repentance in any of them– it’s a foreign concept.

  • Gary Gross says:

    When there are only situational rights & wrongs, the concept of forgiveness is abstract at best. Forgiveness wasn’t abstract to Ms. Guyger, though, was it?

  • eric z says:

    It’s reassuring to see the Republicans hate nobody. Hate free. Trump as hate free as pence. Wow!

  • eric z says:

    Well, they do hate Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, and AOC; but that’s a gender thing. And Hunter Biden, which is a gender neutral hatred having to do with gas pains.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Don’t classify as hate policy differences. Mike Pence is a total gentleman. President Trump isn’t a total gentleman. He’s a typical NY fighter. I’m fine with that.

  • Chad Q says:

    What, no race card played? Sheez. Disagreeing, disliking, or even hating those 3 has nothing to do with gender. Pelosi is disingenuous, Omar is for all practical purposes an anti-Semite illegal alien holding political office, and AOC is just dumber than a bag of hair. As for Biden, Trump is just trying to root out the corruption from the previous administration.

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