Democrats have a messaging problem with Joe Biden. The Democrats’ biggest problem is that they’ve stuck with the ‘Trump is going after his political enemy’ storyline. Up until now, that’s been effective. Bit-by-bit, though, it’s hitting the point-of-diminishing-returns wall.

It’s indisputable that candidates can’t take campaign contributions from foreigners or foreign companies. That’s been on the books for decades. That’s getting murkier by the day. Presidents have the obligation to fight crime, too. As long as those 2 obligations tug at each other, this isn’t a simple thing to sort through.

The minute you say President Trump can’t ask for China’s help in investigating Hunter Biden’s activities, 2 bad things happen. First, you tie the president’s hands in conducting foreign policy. That’s never a positive. I also don’t think it’s constitutional because the Constitution gives the president sole authority to conduct foreign policy. Also, does anyone seriously think that the Supreme Court would capriciously limit a president’s ability to conduct foreign policy? I can’t imagine it.

Next, does anyone think it’s wise to tell the executive branch that they shouldn’t investigate corruption hidden within the US executive branch? I don’t. If the man who’s getting investigated is the former VP and he’s also running for President, I’d suggest that that political party should find someone with more integrity to be their nominee.

In 2016, Hillary complained that Jim Comey demolished her presidential campaign. At the time, I wrote that if she didn’t want the FBI investigating her, she shouldn’t have been that corrupt. I’d tell Joe and Hunter Biden that they shouldn’t have trafficked in influence peddling while Crazy Joe was Vice President. It isn’t that complicated, though I’ll immediately admit that it’d be mighty tempting to take the millions and run.

This isn’t just a campaign finance issue. It’s a governing/law enforcement issue, too. It can’t be one or the other. It’s gotta be both. As is often the case with the law, there’s a judicial ‘tug-of-war’, for lack of a better term, between competing principles that aren’t settled with oversimplified communications. It’s best admitting right at the start that there’s a conflict that must be resolved.

To me, it isn’t that big of a deal for President Trump to tell China or Ukraine he’d appreciate their help in investigating high-level corruption. If that corruption potentially involves a presidential candidate’s offspring, should the offspring get a free pass? Or should that son or daughter get investigated? To me, that’s a no-brainer — investigate.

If a presidential candidate’s son or daughter wants to stay out of the news, behave yourself. If you continue misbehaving, expect the investigation. This isn’t that tough to figure out.

It’s time for these reporters to start putting 2 and 2 together. It’s time that they figure out what the people that they’re covering are busy with. It’s time they start putting the puzzle together.

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