President Trump will send a letter to Speaker Pelosi that will say the White House won’t cooperate with the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry until the full House passes a resolution approving an impeachment inquiry. Thursday afternoon, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to Pelosi asking Pelosi whether Pelosi would grant co-equal subpoena power to the chair and the ranking member, whether Pelosi would allow President Trump’s counsel to attend all depositions and hearings.

At the end of the list of questions, McCarthy states “By answering ‘no’ to any of the above, you would be acting in direct contradiction of all modern impeachment inquiries of a sitting president. By answering ‘no’ to any of the above, you would be denying the President the bare minimum rights granted to his predecessors.”

Ms. Pelosi gave the game away with this reply:

Pelosi shot back at McCarthy, saying that “existing rules of the House provide House committees with full authority to conduct investigations for all matters under their jurisdiction.”

With that reply, Ms. Pelosi admits that this is just like any other congressional investigation from her perspective. She’s welcome to that opinion but that’s BS. Pay close attention to what Ms. Pelosi said in this tweet:

Ms. Pelosi said “The fact that the @HouseGOP’s loyalty is to Trump and not to the Constitution is not going to slow down or impair our ability to keep the republic our Founders envisioned.” Actually, it’s Ms. Pelosi that isn’t being faithful to the Constitution. To impeach a president, then convict that president requires a two-thirds vote in the Senate, which is 67 votes. That makes it unlike other congressional proceedings. The House only needs a simple majority but the Senate requires a two-thirds majority.

If Speaker Pelosi wants to make up the rules as she goes along, that’s her option. If she thinks that she can get away with that, she’s kidding herself. Making up the rules as they go along won’t meet the requirements for establishing due process. Republicans will squawk about that immediately. With the guy with the biggest, loudest megaphone leading the squawking, it won’t take long to demolish Ms. Pelosi’s pretending to care about the Constitution. (If you don’t establish due process that are adhered to consistently, you aren’t a constitutionalist. Period.)

Republicans can slow this thing down. They have a strong argument to make. If Democrats just want to push this through rocket-docket-style with ever-shifting rules, Republicans will, and should, throw sand in the gears of Ms. Pelosi’s railroad.

Impeachment without a search for the truth isn’t justice. The People’s House should be treated with reverence. Pelosi’s House has been ruled by a tyrant. That’s beneath the dignity of the People’s House. Pelosi didn’t call for a vote to start the impeachment inquiry. She walked up to a podium and announced it. That’s why this is the Democrats’ impeachment, not the House impeachment.

House impeachment requires a vote of the entire House membership. That’s a solemn moment, the kind of thing that Ms. Pelosi has been constantly chattering about for a week. Despite all that talk about solemnity, etc., House Democrats sure are acting like autocrats. FYI- the Constitution doesn’t have anything to do with autocrats. That’s because they’re opposites of each other.

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  • eric z says:

    What Trump did was reprehensible. He should lose in November 2020 over that. Biden is damaged goods and the Democratic Party should show less hubris than when they ran Hillary Clinton with her six figure speaking fees from Goldman Sachs. These people are all super sleazy, and a complete and thorough mop-up is needed. The two party stranglehold on U.S. politics is at fault, and the question is whether it can be cured. Not some pissing match over not honoring a Congresssional fact finding need.

  • Gary Gross says:

    What Trump did was try to eliminate corruption. Read the transcript, not the ‘whistleblower’s complaint.’ The complaint is crap.

  • eric z says:

    What Trump did was try to generate dirt on Biden. Beyond the circumstantial appearance of Hunter Biden getting money for nothing. Circumstantial evidence is good. Have you seen reporting about the texting between diplomats, one saying holding up funding over politics seemed ill-advised. In the phone call Trump never mentioned a quid pro quo, but he held up the money and requested dirt on Biden. There already was enough from earlier reporting, and Trump just wanted it to get a little more attention, so he asked a foreign head of state to assist his own political ambitions and covered it up by using an inappropriate super-secure datebase where the truth came out anyway. He’s toast, but it will be the election and not the Republican Senate which will curb his occupancy of the White House. The texting among Trump’s diplomats is reported today, Strib online. Have a look.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Yes, I’ve read the texts between Taylor & Sondland. To me, they can be interpreted in multiple ways, including in the way that’s totally innocent. Until I know more facts surrounding these texts, I’ll remain neutral.

    As for the phone call, Trump never mentioned the money. PERIOD. The Democrats, in my estimation, require tons of inferring to make a weak case against President Trump. I still refer back to the phrase in the Declaration, where it says that governments should not be overturned “for light & transient causes.” I agree with that but I also think that applies to impeachments. Presidents shouldn’t get impeached for light & transient causes, either. To me, this is the lightest cause for impeachment in our nation’s history.

  • Chad Q says:

    Were you this concerned over Obama telling the Russians he’d have more flexibility after the election and Biden actually telling people on video how he blackmailed the Ukraine and Schiff lying to congress about knowing about this sham or is this just the typical progressive fake outrage? The left has nothing yet again. What will it be next week, Trump was behind Bernie’s heart problems?

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