From the moment he was sworn in as the US Attorney General, Bill Barr has conducted himself professionally. He’s launched an investigation into the origins of the spying of the Trump campaign to see if it was started improperly. He’s made certain that Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election was finished. Then he published a published a nearly redaction-free Mueller report. He’s been the picture of professionalism.

Apparently, partisans aren’t happy with him, including former AG Eric Holder. When Holder left the position, he left as one of the most disgraced AGs in US history. He left as the architect of the failed Fast ‘n Furious gun-running fiasco. where he put guns into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. One of those guns was used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. When he was asked about Operation Fast ‘n Furious, Holder refused to answer Congress’s question. That led to Holder’s getting held in Contempt of Congress.

Holder is also the corrupt AG who refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation.

It’s within this context that Holder told Fox News that “current Attorney General Bill Barr ‘is paying a price’ and sacrificing his credibility by spearheading U.S. Attorney John Durham’s ongoing probe into possible misconduct by the intelligence community at the outset of the Russia investigation.”

Coming from one of the most corrupt AGs in US history, I’d consider that as proof that I’m doing the right thing. It isn’t like I’d take him seriously. Coming from Mr. Holder, I’d take these accusations with several pounds of salt:

Holder also remarked separately that it was a “reality” that Republicans will “cheat” in the 2020 elections by trying to “move polling places” and “a whole variety of things.”

Why should we think that this is an honest person? I listen to him only to the extent that he’s a troublemaker who wants to continue doing evil.

2 Responses to “Bill Barr vs. Eric Holder: professional vs. political hack”

  • eruc z says:

    Get real. Two political hacks. Both owned by big money. Trump has surrounded himself with hacks. Obama pretty much the same. Biden and Pence are equally bad choices for VP. Obama did not boost family, unlike Trump with Jarad and his children. Obama kicked a number of cans down the road, Trump doing likewise, Gitmo and Afghanistan remain and prosper. Either could have been worse. Neither as bad as the idiot who used false info to get us into the Iraq quagmire, neither yet sending a Wall Street criminal to jail, neither for single payer real healthcare as a right. It is Bernie time. Warren time.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Whether they’re “owned by big money” or not is essentially irrelevant, Eric. Thus far, AG Barr has dealt with the law as it’s written. That’s the only thing that I judge AGs on. Period. Stop. The other thing that I pay attention to with the USAG is whether they keep the FBI & other law enforcement agencies under control. I don’t want a pariah like Holder politicizing (& weaponizing) law enforcement like Holder, then Lynch, did.

    Thus far, Barr has been fantastic. He’s easily the best AG in the past 25+ years.

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