Now that Speaker Pelosi has officially declared that House Democrats have started an official impeachment inquiry, it’s now time to study who will be Pelosi’s top lieutenants in this fight. Apparently, Pelosi has picked Adam Schiff to be the top general in the Democrats’ impeachment fight:

The confluence of two otherwise coincidental events — the embarrassing Lewandowski hearing followed in quick succession by the explosion of the Ukraine story — handed Pelosi an opening to sideline Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) in favor of the more widely trusted head of the Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam B. Schiff (Calif.), as Democrats launch the formal impeachment inquiry. And Pelosi has made clear that the investigation will focus narrowly on the Ukraine matter, a scandal she believes could be easily understood by the public.

I can’t blame Pelosi for sidelining Nadler, especially after his disastrous performance in the Lewandowski hearing. The question I have, though, is whether Schiff is much of an upgrade over Nadler.

Frankly, considering Schiff’s opening statement at the Maguire hearing, it’s an even-money bet whether the American people would take Schiff seriously. Schiff’s opening statement was seen as a pack of lies or as an unfunny parody at a supposedly serious impeachment hearing. Republican Ranking Member Devin Nunes ripped Schiff with his opening statement:

Schiff’s ‘parody statement’ is already drawing fire from Rep. Andy Biggs. Rep. Biggs has introduced a motion to have Chairman Schiff censured for his dishonest opening statement:

I found this Schiff quote laughable:

“We have to flesh out all of the facts for the American people,” Schiff said in a letter to colleagues Friday. “The seriousness of the matter and the danger to our country demands nothing less.

If this matter is serious, why did Chairman Schiff open a hearing with a parody that didn’t accurately portray President Trump’s statements to the Ukrainian president? If this matter is serious, why hasn’t Speaker Pelosi called for a vote asking her members to approve of this impeachment hearing? This statement is beyond laughable:

“There’s no better guy on the face of the planet to undertake this in an adultlike, intelligent, integrity-filled manner than Adam B. Schiff. Period, full stop,” said Rep. Denny Heck (D-Wash.), a committee member.

I’m predicting right now that President Trump and Republicans will rip Schiff into shreds. He’s an idiot. He isn’t honest. He’s damaged goods from a PR standpoint. Those aren’t the worst of it. He’s been caught playing fast and loose with the truth too many times to be the face of a serious inquiry.

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  • Chad Q says:

    They are all idiots but especially Schiff. This guy has been beating his chest for 3 years saying they have dirt on Trump yet it never seems to come out because they don’t have anything. This is just another waste of taxpayer money.

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