It isn’t overstatement to state that the Looney Left’s ideas on maintaining public safety is failing miserably. Lt. Bob Kroll certainly criticized Minneapolis City Council know-nothings in this article. Lt. Kroll stated that the City Council “ran on an anti-police agenda and they all made it. It’s ultra-left. It’s been [an] extreme Democrat-controlled council. It’s been that way for 22 years.”

The thing is that things are getting worse. Minneapolis’s Police Chief asked for an additional 400 officers. Minneapolis’s mayor asked the City Council for an additional 14 officers because he didn’t think he could get more than that. He was right. The City Council rejected the request for 14 officers.

Later in the interview, Lt. Kroll said “It’s an ultra-left agenda that [thinks that] the police are the problem. [They say] it’s a racially biased criminal justice system here, and we need to de-police. That’s the overtone of our council.”

Let’s remember that 7 City Council candidates said that they could envision a Minneapolis without police officers:

Candidates were asked if they could envision a Minneapolis without police, and what they would do as an elected official to bring the city closer to the abolition of police. Most of the seven city council candidates who answered affirmatively to the first question pledged to work to better fund education and social programs and address criminal elements at their roots in an effort to reduce the need for police officers.

The stupidity of local politicians never ceases to amaze me. What’s required for these idiots is a dose of reality. Do they think that gangs and other thugs will suddenly experience a change of heart and become ministers at the local church or become inspirational small business and community leaders? If they think that, then they’re nuts.

On the other side of the river, St. Paul is having its difficulties, too:

The latest in a recent spree of gun violence in St. Paul saw a man shot dead on Wednesday evening as he left Bible study with his young daughter and his father. The shooting was reported at 8:40 p.m. outside St. Albans Church at the intersection of Fuller Avenue and St. Albans Street North.

Investigators learned the victim was leaving the church after Bible study in a group that included his young daughter and his father. Gunshots rang out, with the victim running from the area. Meanwhile, the victim’s father – who has a valid permit to carry – drew a handgun and returned fire.

It’s the 20th homicide in St. Paul this year and the 6th in the space of just 17 days, a trend that has sparked concern by city leaders and police.

Back in 2008, I went through St. Paul’s operating budget. What I found was enough waste to choke a herd of horses. I remembering thinking that I could cut at least 30% of the budget without the public noticing. There’s no question that St. Paul can afford to hire more police officers. What’s needed in both St. Paul and Minneapolis is the political will to prioritize public safety.

That isn’t happening in either city in 2019. In fact, it’s heading in the opposite direction right now. The priorities are foolish and the leadership is nonexistent. I’m usually optimistic but I don’t see things getting better anytime soon.

3 Responses to “Twin Cities failing their constituents”

  • eric z says:

    Kroll mentored Doug Wardlow. However, there are good people on the police force. One bad apple does not ruin the bushel.

  • Gary Gross says:

    It isn’t the police that I’m worried about. It’s the grandstanding politicians who think they understand policing better than the police know policing.

  • Chad Q says:

    Yep, we here in St. Paul don’t have money for new cops but jackass mayor Melvin has 16 people on the payroll making over $100k for doing a whole lot of nothing.

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