Just minutes ago, Democrat Sen. Ed Markey posted a picture through his Twitter feed. The message he conveyed was simple and utterly dishonest. Sen. Markey tweeted “If Donald Trump and the fossil fuel industry get their way and devastate the Arctic Refuge with drilling, we will never get this pristine wilderness back. The Senate needs to build off this House vote and pass our new legislation that will permanently ban all drilling there.” Here’s Sen. Markey’s dishonest tweet in its entirety:

I replied to Sen. Markey’s tweet with my own statement. Here’s that tweet:

A friend of mine is a retired engineer who worked for a company formerly known as AGAS, aka Alaska Gas & Oil. We’ve frequently talked about Section 1002. My friend told me that the area where the actual drilling would happen is hardly picturesque. I found this picture of a small portion of where the drilling will happen:

My picture hardly looks like Sen. Markey’s picture. In fact, I’d say that my picture looks like an oversized swamp whereas Sen. Markey’s is intentionally misleading. Back in the day, I remember how the Sierra Club predicted that building the pipeline would destroy the migration route of the Barrows Caribou, adding “and for what? Another 4-5 years worth of oil?” That grim statement was made in the mid-1970s. The pipeline was opened in 1978. It’s still transporting oil to tankers in Valdez, AK.

The thing that everyone should remember is that the Democrats’/Environmental activists’ predictions is really more propaganda than prediction. I’ve never seen one of their predictions come true. Most have been off by virtually orders of magnitude. When AOC said we had 12 years left to live because of climate change, I totally dismissed that prediction. It’s a total joke.

4 Responses to “Ed Markey’s ANWR lie

  • J. Ewing says:

    Unlike Sen. Markey, I’ve actually been there, during the summer. Not even the caribou stay over the winter, which is when all the drilling takes place. The oil company moves out over the frozen ice, builds a small city-lot-size gravel “island” and slant drills into the surrounding 50-mile square area. By spring all the equipment is gone and a small pipe leads back to Prudhoe. The caribou LOVE the pipeline (it’s warm) and LOVE the haul road and little islands because there are fewer biting insects there. The herd has doubled or tripled in size since the pipeline went in. NOBODY except the most hardy adventurers goes into ANWR itself (so what are we “preserving” it for), and the area in which the drilling will take place is about 1000 acres out of the nearly 20 MILLION acre reserve. It’s environmental nonsense, as usual.

  • Gary Gross says:

    That’s pretty much what my friend told me. Almost 40 years ago, they showed pictures of the calves nursing while both rested underneath the pipeline. At the time, the picture became quite famous. That’s when I said “I guess the caribou didn’t get the memo.”

  • Chad Q says:

    Stop spreading the vicious truth! :) The Alaskan pipeline was supposed to ruin everything and like you said, the environment is just fine and the Caribou love it.

  • J. Ewing says:

    And it isn’t just the caribou. Right downtown Deadhorse, an industrial area and a real blight on the landscape (about the size of a shopping center), there is a hotel. The desk clerk is an amateur photographer and posts pictures on the wall. I asked where he got the fabulous shot of the arctic fox and he said “just out the front door.” They have signs reminding people to please keep the doors closed. If they don’t, the caribou walk through and munch at the salad bar! A recent earthquake moved one section of the pipeline several feet. It didn’t leak. These environmental wackos are exactly that. Next time they want to “protect” ANWR, tell them to go up there and hold a sit-in to prevent the drilling. (January would be the best time.)

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