It stands to reason that Stanley Greenberg’s opinions, like the ones in this op-ed, are more than a little tainted. It’s logical considering the fact that his wife is Rosa DeLauro, one of the nuttiest Democrats in Congress.

It’s stunning that he’d take such a partisan perspective on what Republicans did after the TEA Party Wave Election of 2010. Greenberg wrote “The Democrats today are reacting not only to Mr. Trump but to the Tea Party-dominated Republican Party that preceded and prepared the way for him with gridlocked government. After coming to power in the 2010 wave election, the Republicans tried to keep the government from addressing virtually any problem at all. The Tea Party movement was animated by its hostility to Mr. Obama and his activist government. Empowered in the House, it forced an I.M.F.-like budget austerity on the federal government and blocked any new economic stimulus and investment. As a candidate, Mr. Trump built his base among Tea Party Republicans and Evangelicals in order to carry forward the assault on government nationally and in the states. The Democrats watched in frustration as the government was presumed to be impotent to address wage stagnation, surging inequality, climate change, the slaughter from automatic weapons and the flood of dark money into politics.”

To use one of George Will’s favorite lines, “Well.” After Democrats pushed the ACA down Americans’ throats, the first thing that people wanted Republicans to do was stop the Democrats’ leftward lurch on things like Cap & Trade, aka Cap & Tax, and higher taxes, including the creation of a wealth tax that Sen. Warren is proposing.

Consider these facts. Virtually every top-tier Democrat presidential candidate wants to kill manufacturing jobs with excessive regulations. Virtually all top-tier Democrat presidential candidates want to ban fracking in the name of saving the planet. Virtually all top-tier Democrat presidential candidates want to prevent families, especially single moms, from protecting themselves.

According to Mr. Greenberg, “The 2020 election will be transformative like few in our history. It will end with the death of the Republican Party as we know it, leaving the survivors to begin the struggle to renew the party of Lincoln and make it relevant for our times. It will liberate the Democratic Party from the country‚Äôs suffocating polarization and allow it to use government to address the vast array of problems facing the nation.”

With the nation heading in the right direction, it’s inconceivable that voters on a massive scale will vote to change directions. Wave elections happen when the nation is heading in the wrong direction. With unemployment at a 50-year low, with wages rising for unskilled laborers and with take-home pay increasing thanks to the Trump-GOP tax cuts, aka the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, things seem pretty calm. Wave elections don’t happen when things are calm.

Predicting the “death of the Republican Party” is the same as predicting a massive wave election that helps Democrats. That’s foolish. Nobody is predicting a wave election in either direction.

Further, anyone that thinks that health care will be a winning issue for Democrats in 2020 should think about Medicare-for-All. I’m betting it isn’t a net positive for Democrats. If health care isn’t the big winner in 2020 for Democrats, then it isn’t a stretch to think that the suburban white women won’t be the winning edge for Democrats.

I’m betting, too, that immigration will be a net negative for Democrats. In fact, I’ve heard that it’s a net negative amongst Hispanics in New Mexico. That’s a big deal since Hispanics make up almost half of New Mexico’s population.

2 Responses to “Stanley Greenberg’s illusion”

  • eric z says:

    Obama really did not try that much, which is the problem of his legacy. Mitch McConnell was a part of gridlock, but not trying never gets to any goal.

    For instance, giving the Republicans Romneycare which they had advocated gained him no ground. It is why we need Bernie and Medicare for All to gain entry into the methods of the advanced humane nations of the world, as to providing for the health of a population. Healthcare as a right. Obama never even tried.

  • Chad Q says:

    The progressive socialists are just losing the election for themselves with the bat crap crazy things they keep saying we need to do, i.e. Medicare for all. Bernie is the perfect example of what we don’t need because they guy talks out of one side of his mouth while doing the exact opposite with the other. Hypocrites each and every one of them because they would never live under the heavy handed government they would institute if elected.

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