This weekend’s campaigning in New Hampshire must’ve caused Vice President Biden’s cheese to slide further off his cracker. I say this because he said that “President Trump is becoming ‘more erratic’ in dealing with ‘an economy that’s teetering on a recession.'”

Actually, Vice President Biden either doesn’t know what he’s talking about or he’s pretending that the vast majority of Wall Street economists think that we’re at least a year away from a recession. That includes Jerome Powell’s prediction:

“We are not forecasting or expecting a recession,” said Powell during a discussion with Chairman of the Swiss National Bank, Thomas Jordan, in Zurich. Instead, he said the outlook of the US economy continues to be a “favorable one,” which he attributed to the Fed’s decision earlier this year to cut rates for the first time in a decade. “We’re going to continue to act as appropriate to sustain this expansion,” Powell said.

If we judge whether Vice President Biden is an expert on the economy based on the Obama administration’s economic performance, he’d be in trouble compared with President Trump. Further, Biden is having difficulties with his truth-telling abilities:

Joe Biden is looking voters in the eye and promising to “end fossil fuel.” The former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate made the comment Friday after a New Hampshire environmental activist challenged him for accepting donations from the co-founder of liquified natural gas firm. Biden denied the donor’s association to the fossil fuel industry before calling the young woman “kiddo” and taking her hand. He said, “I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you. I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil fuel.”

The activist, 24-year-old Rebecca Beaulieu, later said she appreciated that Biden took her question seriously, but that he was not satisfied with Biden’s plan to eliminate net carbon emissions by 2050.

Thanks, Vice President Biden. You’ve just admitted that the Obama administration (that you were part of) really tried killing the coal industry and the hundreds of thousands of jobs the fossil fuel industry supports. In fact, during last week’s climate change townhall, each of the Democrat presidential candidates said that they’d destroy the fossil fuel industry and the US economy along with it. So much for these Democrats’ judgment. Frankly, they’re idiots for saying that. That essentially puts Michigan in the Trump column, with Ohio (which isn’t a purple state anymore) and Pennsylvania another possibility. These answers at the CNN climate change townhall don’t help assure people that he’s up to the job of leader of the free world:

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  • J. Ewing says:

    And we STILL have not managed to fight the simple-minded and FALSE premise that fossil fuels have something to do with global temperatures. They do not, can not, and will not have any significant effect whatsoever. The models prove it, the data proves it, the simple math proves it, and a 5th-grader can prove it experimentally.

  • Chad Q says:

    I honestly don’t think any of the progressive socialist candidates has any idea what they are saying, they just repeat what their handlers are telling them to say ala Occasional Cortex.

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