Of all the stupid things to say, Kamala Harris told a CNN townhall audience that she would ban fracking. In her effort to win the Democrat presidential nomination, Sen. Harris attempted to pander to the heart of the Democrats’ base, aka the hard-left environmental activist wing of the party.

“There is no question I am in favor of banning fracking,” Harris said during an all-night CNN town hall event focused on climate change.

Given her track record of flip-flopping on the biggest issues to Democrats, there’s little question that she’ll tell voters in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania that she misspoke and that she loves blue collar workers. The truth is that Sen. Harris leaves herself plenty of wiggle room to extricate herself from tight positions. For example, the article notes that “Harris’ formal climate plan, published earlier Wednesday, does not explicitly call for Congress to ban fracking.” Gee. How handy that is. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Unless Sen. Harris turns things around fast, she’s history. I’ve said for a month that this is essentially a 3-4 candidate race, with Biden leading, trailed by Bernie, Warren and finally by Harris. The thing that’s getting obvious to voters who pay attention is that Sen. Harris’s initial statements on each issue is quite strong, followed by less firm statements as she fields criticism for her most forceful statements. Look how forceful her initial statement is:

It’s difficult to picture Sen. Harris standing out from standing out from any of the other Democrats’ presidential candidates on this subject. Still, it’s difficult to see Sen. Harris not participating in this townhall. To skip such a townhall might be seen as having something to hide.

Finally, Sen. Harris’s statement will doom her in the general election if she’s the Democrats’ presidential nominee. Banning fracking is one of the best ways of losing in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio.

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  • eric z says:

    You can google = Kamala Harris former clinton staff

    What you’d see is what you’d get. No Podesta, but others.

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