My blood boils whenever I watch this video of Esme Murphy’s interview of Ilhan Omar:

How dare Omar say that she didn’t want to discuss her “personal life” with Murphy. The only thing that’s worse is that Murphy essentially stopped that line of questioning of Rep. Omar immediately. Does Murphy think she’s a DFL operative? Or does she think of herself as a journalist/reporter? If she considers herself the latter, then she’s kidding herself. When Bret Baier interviews a controversial figure, it’s considered standard operating procedure for him to ask multiple questions to get the whole truth. If that makes the interviewee uncomfortable or squirm, then that’s how it is. The same is true of Harris Faulkner and David Asman.

That isn’t standard operating procedure with Murphy, at least when she’s interviewing DFL politicians. DFL politicians enjoy being interviewed by Murphy because they know they’ll get the kid glove treatment.

4 Responses to “Is Esme Murphy a DFL operative?”

  • eric z says:

    The Republican strategy of “Let’s all run against Ilhen Omar” will energize the CPAC base. So?

    Jason Lewis and Draz will be elected because Ilhen Omar said/did this or that? I like the policies she ran on, and still do.

    I wish she was my Rep. By geography I get stuck with a troglodyte in CD6. I would not vote for Jason Lewis for dog catcher.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Fair enough, Eric. Unlike Antifa, I heartily encourage the free flow of opposing opinions. I’ve long felt that the spirited exchange of ideas makes everyone better.

  • Chad Q says:

    The Democrat policy of “Let’s all run against Trump” is going to energize the progressives/socialists? Only those professing to give everything away for free energizes the them.

    Ilhan got elected because she’s in a district that would have elected a piece of dog poop as long as it had a D behind the name. I dislike what she ran on to get elected and she sure isn’t doing anything like she ran on and is just doing what she was “destined” to do. Listen to the interview to get that nugget. She should be removed from congress for her proven illegal activities and possibly thrown out of the country if all the other alleged activities are found to be true. She is a terrible person hiding behind her race and religion.

    I wish the “troglodyte” in CD-6 was my Rep. By geography, I get stuck with worthless Betty McCollum who is more concerned that the language on a grant application makes the worthless green line LRT sound like it’s crime infested (it is) than actually doing anything useful in her district. I would not vote for a progressive/socialist for anything.

    I love the fill in the blank replies.

  • eric z says:

    Chad – I thought Bruce Vento did a better job before his unfortunate death. And, I’d swap Reps with you in a heartbeat, making both of us happier.

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